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Airwaves: March 11, 2011

Caring Fish

Religious music station The Fish (95.9 FM) launched a new drive to help community organizations this month. Called “Fish Cares,” the campaign is an ongoing way to raise funds for organizations such as the Orange County Rescue Mission, the Salvation Army, and more.

March 5th was the kickoff date as DJ Big Wave Dave broadcast live from underneath the Big A at Angel Stadium. Helping out by performing for the crowd was musical artist Jadon Lavik.

The Fish hopes to continue this campaign for the foreseeable future; you can hear Big Wave Dave afternoons from 3 to 7 weekdays.

As Heard on KFI

Reader Mike Ollins of West Hills had enough of teacher-bashing on KFI (640 AM) -- primarily on the afternoon John and Ken Program, but also on others -- that he decided to do something about it. After hearing a telephone interview with a teacher from Long Beach on Tim Conway’s program, he wrote a letter to Conway and gave his side.

Ollins is a teacher in Newbury Park, and he figured I might be interested since my regular job is teaching math at San Pedro High. Of course I was interested ... not only am I also annoyed by John and Ken especially on this issue, as you know I am a radio nut. Any excuse to visit a radio station is good for me. In the end, Conway invited not only Ollins, but me as well, to spend some time on the air with him on March 7th.

Conway was remarkably cordial and we ended up having a nice half-hour discussion. In person, he is as friendly as he sounds on the air. In addition to the discussion, I also got a mini-tour of the newsroom from news director Chris Little, and spent some time talking with Little and news reporter Steve Gregory.

KFI is a true radio’s powerhouse. One of the oldest stations in town it also remains Western America’s most powerful radio station, heard throughout much of California during the day and most of the Western united States at night due to its clear channel status and 50,000 watts of power. My only regret for the evening: I didn’t get a chance to say the call letters on the air in my amazing top-40 DJ style. A big thanks to Conway for having us on the air, and to Ollins for arranging the event.

You Ask, We Answer:

Q: Where is Michael Jackson these days? -- Mary-Lynn Arriola, Newhall

A: Good question. Unfortunately the answer is “not on the air,” and I wish I understood why such a top-name talk talent is not found anywhere on Los Angeles radio dial. Last I spoke with Jackson -- admittedly a while ago -- he said that there were some possibilities coming up. Let’s hope this acts as a it of a push.

Q: I love LA radio history. I started listening to KHJ in the last 1960s and early ‘70s. My first radio was a blue Panasonic Round radio that came with a chain that I would wrap around the bottom of the upper bunk bed. I still go to every station on the AM and FM dials; it’s fun to listen to what’s out there.

I was thinking about the stations ... it would be really interesting to me if you could do an article on what the early FM stations are now. For example, 105.5 used to be KNAC; 93.1 used to be soft-rock KNX-FM; hopefully that is something you find interesting as well. Do you know of any websites that deal with these subjects? -- Brian, Fountain Valley

A: Personally I think it’s a great idea, as I love all things radio and I like to learn about radio’s past. I will try to include more of this in future columns; in the meantime, check out


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