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Airwaves: January 14, 2011

Pastore Wins Award

KKLA (99.5 FM) has something to celebrate: the station’s own Frank Pastore Show was recently named the Radio Program of the Year by the NRB, also known as National Religious Broadcasters.

This is the second time since 2007 that the program has won this award, and it comes in time this year to help the station celebrate its 25th anniversary. The program has been on the station since 2004.

Born in Alhambra, Pastore is a former baseball pitcher, playing with the Cincinnati Reds from 1979 to 1985, and the Minnesota Twins in 1986. After leaving baseball he earned a degree in Business Administration from National University, a Masters in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University, and a Masters in Political Philosophy and American Government from the Claremont Graduate School.

His KKLA show was chosen as the best program based on its compelling, relevant, informative and entertaining impact made on listeners, according to the NRB. The award will be given at the organization’s 68th Annual Convention held next month in Nashville.

Hear Pastore for yourself weekdays from 4:00 to 7:00 PM.

What’s Your Name

I recently changed out the stereo in my truck with one that had been in my attic for a time. The “new” model isn’t much different than the old one, with minor changes in buttons and features. Like the old one, the replacement saves FM stations using Radio Data System (RDS) text to save stations by name rather than by frequency.

RDS -- or more accurately in the United States RBDS for Radio Broadcast Data System -- allows stations to send two different text lines. One that is designed for short messages such as the station call letters and another to be used for longer messages like station slogans, the current song title, or even advertising messages.

The problem is that some programmers don’t think about these features. For example, K-FROG form the Inland Empire never sends it’s station name or calls at all on the short text line. Which means the best that I can get on the preset readout is “Ribbit,” what the station displays during commercials. Otherwise I get parts of song titles ... such as “Save A,” from when they play Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

Other stations make similar mistakes, such as Power 106 rarely having their name “Power” or even KPWR on the display; the best I could get is “power” with a lower case p as part of And it took a LOT of waiting for that to show up.

KLOS (95.5 FM)) gets it right -- sometimes. Depending on the song being played you either can catch KLOS on the display or KLOS tied with another word. The Sound does it right but has -- or at least had -- another problem, as when Bob Seger songs came up as being by Barry Mannilow in the song title line. Sound programmer Dave Beasing laughed and explained that it was a glitch they were working on.

Certainly one could argue that RDS is an old system that will be obsolete when HD Radio -- with its better information screens -- becomes more popular. But more people have RDS on their car stereos than HD ... so let’s fix it!

Playing Fair

Last week I opined that David Vassegh could have (should have?) done better on a recent UCLA Bruin post game show, in which he chastised a caller for calling Vassegh “Guy.”

To the rescue was Petros Papadakis from the Petros and Money Show on KLAC, who took the “blame,” explaining that he himself trained Vassegh how to disrespect callers. Why the mention of the column on air at all? In addition to doing BruinTalk, Vassegh is the producer for the -- you guessed it -- Petros and Money show. He also serves as a sidekick and a reporter.

I was not kind to Papadakis in the past either, such as when he was a guest on Bill Handle’s morning show on KFI (640 AM). So to clear the air and support the local guys, I want to state for the record that Papadakis’ style has grown on me over the past year or so, that I like the Petros and Money Show and can understand why it is among the top-rated sports-talk shows in town, and that, yes, I was probably too hard on Vassegh who was obviously having a good time on the night in question.

Hear the best sports-talk program in town weeknights from 7 to 10 PM; the 7:00 hour is exclusive to the local market while the rest is nationwide over the Fox Sports Network.


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