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Airwaves: November 6, 2009

KABC to air Infomercials?

Don Barrett reported on LARadio.Com last Monday that heritage talk station KABC (790 AM) will be turning over part of its afternoon drive time programming to paid programming, also known as infomercials.

In a scathing report, Barrett wrote to “be on the lookout for the crash on the freeway resulting in a roadway littered with colon cleansers, (unmentionable) extenders and investment advise strewn across all lanes. The first sound of skidding will all happen next Monday at KABC.”

Not so fast, says KABC general manager Bob Moore. Replying not to Barrett but instead through AllAccess.Com, Moore denied the report and stated that “We have a show on-air hosted by Moe Ansari on Saturdays and have been in discussions with him about doing something on a local level from 6 to 6:30 each evening. It’s not a (financial) market update, but more about how things are going with your money. And it’s not a paid program.”

So we have two sides with opposing views. On one side, Don Barrett, whose website has become the website of record for news related to any Los Angeles-area radio station or personality. I know Don, and he doesn’t just run a story without checking the facts. Numerous times.

On the other side is Bob Moore, a highly respected executive who has been part of the Los Angeles radio scene for decades. Problem is, he has a history of, shall we say, stretching the truth.

So what is that truth? I have no clue, and I suppose we’ll all find out in the next week or so. But if I was a betting man -- and to be clear I am not -- I’d bet on Barrett.

Town Hall

This Sunday, November 8th at 2 PM, Bill Moran will host a Talk Radio Town Hall at the American Jewish University, located at 15600 Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

On the panel will be KFI (640 AM) hosts Bill Handel and Bryan Suits, along with Talkers Magazine editor and publisher Michael Harrison (remember him from KMET?) and syndicated talk host Leslie Marshall.

Topic of discussion? The impact of talk radio locally, nationally, and internationally. It should be an amazing event; if you are interested in attending, tickets are $25, and you can register (or call for more information) at 310-440-1246.

Wave Goodbye

Word on the street has “smooth jazz” KTWV (94.7 The Wave) waving goodbye with holiday music beginning perhaps as soon as next week, with a new format designed to directly compete against light contemporary music station KOST (103.5 FM) launching December 26th.

I don’t necessarily believe it; The Wave has tended to be a consistent revenue stream for owner CBS over the past few years even if ratings were less than stellar. On the other hand, Clear Channel has essentially allowed KOST to become vulnerable with mass firings and marathon shifts among the few remaining personalities.

And of course the name of the rumored new programmer at the Wave? None other than former KOST programmer Jhani Kaye.

2010 should make for an interesting year in radio ...


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