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Airwaves: July 24, 2009 INLAND EMPIRE

June Arbitrons

Spanish hits music station KLYY flipped with 99-1 KGGI to take the top spot in the June Riverside-San Bernardino Arbitron ratings released last week. For the month of June KLYY was up to 6.7 from 6.0, while KGGI was down to 6.1 from 6.8. Right behind KGGI was KOLA with a solid third-place finish at 6.0; rounding out the top-five were KIIS-FM and KRQB.

Just as with the LA ratings, KFI dominated the talk scene with a 6th place 4.7 share of the pie. There wasn’t another talk station until KLAC’s sports format showed at 30th place and a 1.2 share, and there wasn’t another general talk station until even further down the list, 41st-place KTIE which earned a 0.5 share. While KFI’s flame-thrower 50,000-watt transmitter certainly helps cut the static, that is an impressive finish outside of it’s home city.

Country did quite well as usual, with K-FROG earning a 4.4 share and seventh place. That 4.4 is the best showing the Frog has had all year. LA competitor Go Country also showed in the ratings, earning a respectable 1.2 share in a tie with KLAC for 29th.

Alternative rocker KCXX led the generic “rock” format with a 16th place finish 2.2 share of the audience. That compares with KCAL-FM at 1.9, KLOS at 1.8 and KROQ with 1.4. If you throw Jack-FM into the mix -- it all depends on if you count Jack as a rock, adult hits, or oldies -- he leads them all, however, with a 2.4 share tie at 13th place. Interestingly, Jack’s rating was the lowest all year and I can’t figure out where all his listeners went.

Classical KUSC claimed first place among the public radio stations showing in the survey, earning a 1.5 share and 24th place overall. The next-closest public station was KPCC, which came in at at 36th-place tie and a 0.5 share.

Each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 6 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 AM and 12 midnight. Listed first is the May rating, followed by June.

KLYY: 6.0-6.7; KGGI: 6.8-6.1; KOLA: 5.6-6.0; KIIS-FM: 5.2-5.2; KRQB: 3.7-3.9; KFI: 4.2-4.7; K-Frog: 4.0-4.4; Hot 92.3: 3.6-3.6; KOST: 2.6-3.4; KEZY: 1.7-2.5

KLVE: 3.2-2.5; Power 106: 2.5-2.5; Jack-FM: 3.1-2.4; KSCA: 3.0-2.4; KBIG: 2.5-2.3; KCXX: 1.7-2.2; KCAL-FM: 1.5-1.9; KRTH: 1.7-1.9; KLOS: 1.7-1.8; Amp Radio: 1.7-1.7

KSGN: 2.0-1.6; KWIE: 2.4-1.6; KXSB: 1.7-1.6; KUSC: 1.2-1.5; KATY: 1.4-1.4; KNX: 1.5-1.4; KROQ: 1.7-1.4; KXOS: 2.0-1.4; Go Country: 1.3-1.2; KLAC: 1.3-1.2

KTWV: 1.2-1.1; KVCR: 1.4-1.1; KLAX: 1.0-1.0; KLRD: 1.0-0.9; KAEH: 1.1-0.7; The Sound: 0.6-0.6; KHPY: 0.5-0.5; KPCC: 0.5-0.5; KSPN: 0.6-0.5; KSSE: 0.6-0.5

KTIE: 0.5-0.5; KWVE: 0.5-0.5; KYSR: 0.6-0.5; KXOL: 0.2-0.4; KABC: 0.3-0.3; KDIF: 0.4-0.3; KKDD: 0.5-0.3; KLAA: 0.3-0.3; KRCD: 0.3-0.3 KBUE: 0.2-0.2

KCAL (AM): 0.2-0.2; KTDD: 0.2-0.2; KXFG: 0.2-0.2; KXRS: 0.2-0.2; KDIS: na-0.1; KFWB: 0.1-0.1; KMRO: 0.2-0.1; KSPA: 0.3-0.1; KTNQ: 0.1-0.1; KUOR: 0.2-0.1; XHRM: 0.1-0.1


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