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Airwaves: September 26, 2008

KGIL Changes

As mentioned last week, longtime Los Angeles talk host Michael Jackson was let go from KGIL (1260 and 540 AM) as the station makes the move toward cheaper syndicated programming.

I suppose I can’t really blame the station’s management, considering that it has yet to make a blip on the ratings radar, and Jackson was the only local host remaining throughout the entire day.

But it is still a disappointment that one of the few people to stand out in this era of in-your-face radio -- Jackson was perhaps the most cordial, calm interviewer on commercial talk radio and one of the few liberals that conservatives would tune in -- is once again off the air.

His departure coincided with the reshuffling of the time slots slightly for the remaining hosts as well as the addition of Laura Ingraham, who slides up the dial (and down, I suppose, considering the simulcast) from KRLA (870 AM). The new lineup now consists of:

The Great American Songbook, midnight to 4 AM; The Wall Street Journal morning show, 4 to 6; Ingraham, 6 to 9; Ed Schultz, 9 to 11; Glenn Beck, 11 AM to 1 PM; Lou Dobbs, 1 to 3; Dr. Drew Pinksky, 3 to 4; Lars Larson, 4 to 6; Larry King, 6 to 7; Alan Colmes, 7 to 10; and Michael Savage, 10 to midnight.

I think KGIL must have more hosts than any other station in town.

Dills Service

A memorial service for radio and television restaurant and travel critic Elmer Dills is scheduled for October 3rd at 1 PM at the All Saints Church, located at 132 North Euclid Avenue in Pasadena.

Dills passed away September 15th at the age of 82 after almost 30 years of reviews and reports on the best -- and worst -- of local and far off dining spots as heard on KABC (790 AM), the original KMPC (now KSPN, 710 AM), KIEV (now KRLA), CRN Digital Talk Radio, and of course KABC-TV Channel 7. He retired from broadcasting in January.

His experience came from a 20-year job with the State Department, entertaining heads of states and other VIPs. He is survived by his wife, Lynne, four children and four grandchildren.

Big Country

Go Country 105 (KKGO, 105.1 FM) is changing the format of its digital HD-2 subchannel once again, this time in favor of classic country. The format on analog 105.1 and the main digital HD-1 signal will remain the same, as will the HD-3 simulcast of KGIL.

Unfortunately, that leaves Los Angeles without a standards station once again, as the classic country bumps standards off the air.

Featured on the new format is Country and Western music from the 1960s through the early 1990s, with such artists as Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks.

As with all HD stations, you need an HD radio to hear the extra formats.

Spousal Approval

What can get people away from satellite radio, iPods and the like? How about The Sound at 100.3 FM (KSWD). It seems my wife, Jean, is shunning XM more and more for the sound of The Sound. “It may be one of my favorite stations of all time,” she said as I was writing this week’s column.

I agree. Would I change a few things? Absolutely. But between it and Go Country, I’m a happy FM camper.


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