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Airwaves: January 18, 2008

Fall Arbitrons

In an almost carbon-copy of last quarter, KLVE, KIIS-FM, KSCA, KOST and KLAX claimed the top-5 spots in the Fall Los Angeles ratings race, according to Arbitron. The similarity was there all the way down to a tie between KFI and KSCA. Sure the numbers changed a bit (see below), but for the most part things were essentially the same, at least toward the top. And there were few surprises in the rest of the list either.

KFI once again won the talk wars, beating KABC by more than two points, 4.4 to 2.1. KABC wasn't too sad, though, as they increased their lead against KLSX from a slim 0.1 in the Summer to almost a half point in the Fall, 2.1 to 1.7. KTLK earned a 1.1 share, and KRLA came in at 1.0.

KNX earned its first 2.0 share in more than a year as it focussed a bit more on news and less on features the past quarter. That 2.0 compares with 1.7 in the Summer. KFWB was up as well, but only slightly: 1.4 from 1.3.

Country KKGO held steady at 1.4, still slightly less than when the format was found on KZLA. What KZLA became, though, is but a shell of its former self, as the "all new" Movin' 93.9 (KMVN) remained under a 1 one share once again, flat at 0.8. Seems that KMVN owner Emmis has a problem on their hands.

The big surprise to me is the continued success of KHJ. In an era when even Spanish-language listeners flock to FM -- Spanish AM stations held on to their ratings longer than many English-language AMs -- KHJ is bucking the trend. Playing a format known in the industry as "Regional Mexican," the former top-40 giant earned a 1.4 share, essentially unchanged from the 1.5 share it had over the previous three quarters. Of course, I'd still like to return it to its top-40 glory ... hey, I can dream.

Ratings are an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 12 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 AM and 12 midnight (also known as 12+ ratings) as determined by Arbitron. The full story (station: Summer-Fall):

KLVE: 4.9-5.0; KIIS-FM: 4.7-4.7; KFI: 4.5-4.4; KSCA: 4.5-4.4; KOST: 3.7-3.9; KLAX: 3.2-3.6; KBUE/KBUA: 3.3-3.5; KPWR: 3.7-3.5; KROQ: 3.8-3.3; KRTH: 3.6-3.3

KRCD/KRCV: 2.9-3.0; KTWV: 3.7-3.0; KCBS-FM: 2.8-2.8; KXOL: 3.0-2.6; KHHT: 2.2-2.4; KLOS: 2.1-2.2; KABC: 2.0-2.1; KBIG: 1.7-2.0; KNX: 1.7-2.0; KLSX: 1.9-1.7

KFWB: 1.3-1.4; KHJ: 1.5-1.4; KKGO: 1.4-1.4; KYSR: 1.9-1.4; KRBV: 1.2-1.3; KSSE: 1.3-1.2; KLYY: 1.4-1.1; KTLK: 0.8-1.1; KRLA: 1.1-1.0; KFSH: 0.6-0.9

KSPN: 0.7-0.9; KTNQ: 1.0-0.9; KDAY/KWIE: 0.8-0.8; KJLH: 1.3-0.8; KMVN: 0.8-0.8; KLAC: 0.5-0.6; KLTX: 0.6-0.6; KKLA: 0.4-0.5; KWVE: 0.4-0.5; KDLD/KDLE: 0.5-0.4; KWKW: 0.5-0.4; KWIZ: 0.4-0.3

Inland Comparison

KFI dominated the Riverside/San Bernardino ratings, earning almost one full point more than 2nd place hit music station KGGI, 7.3 versus 6.5. Local oldies outlet KOLA jumped almost a point from Summer, earning a 4.3 share, while country K-FROG dropped more than a point to 3.9 from Summer's 5.1

The top-20 Inland Empire stations:

KFI: 5.3-7.3; KGGI: 6.7-6.5; KOLA: 3.6-4.3; KFRG: 5.1-3.9; KSCA: 4.9-3.7; KIIS-FM: 3.9-3.6; KLYY: 3.5-3.5; KRBQ: 2.2-3.4; KDAY/KWIE: 2.4-2.9; KHHT: 1.8-2.9

KLVE: 3.2-2.9; KOST: 2.7-2.9; KCAL: 2.2-2.4; KXSB/KXRS: 1.2-2.3; KCBS-FM: 3.7-2.1; KCXX: 1.9-2.0; KLOS: 2.4-2.0; KBIG: 1.4-1.6; KTWV: 2.3-1.6; KPWR: 1.6-1.5; KWVE: 1.2-1.5


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