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Airwaves: October 26, 2007

Summer Arbitrons

Latin pop music station KLVE (107.5 FM) surged ahead of its rival -- regional Mexican KSCA (101.9 FM) -- as well as a handful of other stations to take the lead in the Summer Arbitron ratings released last week.

For the Summer quarter, KSCA increased from 4.1 to 4.9, while KSCA dropped from 5.1 to a third-place tie with KFI (640 AM) at 4.5; KSCA was last quarter's leader, so essentially the two stations just switched places for the Summer. Second-place KIIS-FM (102.7) held relatively steady at 4.7, down ever so slightly from 4.8.

That third place finish for KFI is remarkable not only for what it is, but for what it continues: KFI has dominated the AM band for at least the past decade, and has been in the top-five for most of that time. The closest competitor is KABC (790 AM), which at a 2.0 rating earns less than half of KFI's share. That's just amazing.

Other big winners in the Summer ratings period include KROQ (106.7 FM), which jumped more than a half point to 3.8, KOST (103.5 FM), which jumped almost a half point to 3.7, and KRTH (101.1 FM) which jumped exactly a half point to 3.6.

More than a year after dropping country for burned dance hits, Movin' 93.9 FM (KMVN) has yet to make a "move": it's 0.8 is a drop from Spring's 1.2, and about a third of what the station earned as country-formatted KZLA. In fact, the station that picked up country, KKGO (105.1 FM) earns almost double (1.4) with virtually no promotion.

Talker KTLK (1150 AM), which showed signs of life in the Spring, came back to reality with a 0.8 share, down from 1.1. Don't feel too bad, though: they still beat the sports stations KSPN (710 AM) and KLAC (570 AM), which earned 0.7 and 0.5 shares, respectively. That means KTLK -- even while in the sewer of ratings -- is Clear Channel's 2nd-highest rated local AM station in their cluster after KFI ... and will probably remain so as long as KLAC stays with sports.

The full story: each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 12 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 AM and 12 midnight.

Station: Spring-Summer

KLVE: 4.1-4.9; KIIS-FM: 4.8-4.7; KFI: 4.2-4.5; KSCA: 5.1-4.5; KROQ: 3.2-3.8; KOST: 3.3-3.7; Power 106: 3.7-3.7; KTWV: 3.3-3.7; KRTH: 3.1-3.6; KBUE/KBUA: 3.6-3.3

KLAX: 3.8-3.2; KXOL: 3.2-3.0; KRCD/KRCV: 2.9-2.9; Jack-FM: 2.7-2.8; Hot 92.3: 2.4-2.2; KLOS: 2.0-2.1; KABC: 2.3-2.0; KLSX: 1.6-1.9; Star 98.7: 1.8-1.9; KBIG: 1.6-1.7

KNX: 1.5-1.7; KHJ: 1.5-1.5; Go Country 105: 1.8-1.4; KLYY: 1.4-1.4; KFWB: 1.5-1.3; KJLH: 1.1-1.3; KSSE: 1.3-1.3; V-100: 1.5-1.2; KRLA: 1.0-1.1; KTNQ: 1.0-1.0

KDAY/KWIE: 0.8-0.8; Movin 93.9: 1.2-0.8; KTLK: 1.1-0.8; KSPN: 0.8-0.7; The Fish: 0.7-0.6; KTLX: 0.4-0.6; KDLD/KDLE: 0.7-0.5; KLAC: 0.8-0.5; KWKW: 0.5-0.5; KKLA: 0.4-0.4

KOLA: 0.0-0.4; KWIZ: 0.7-0.4; KWVE: 0.4-0.4

Next week: How surrounding area ratings compare with metro Los Angeles.


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