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Airwaves: March 30, 2007

Tilden Comes Back

No one has ever really known what to do with Peter Tilden. He made his Los Angeles debut on KLSX (97.1 FM) back when the station played classic rock ... but he didn't quite fit. Most listeners wanted music in the morning, and while they (judging from the mail) appreciated his humor, the match didn't work. He was at KLSX only eight months.

So off he went to KABC (790 AM), replacing Steve Edwards in afternoons. He was good, but an opportunity came up for mornings on the original KMPC (710 AM), so he moved down the hall. Unfortunately the whole talk format didn't work, and Tilden was let go when the station dumped the format.

Then came KZLA (now KMVN, 93.9 FM), where he would play country music ... even though he knew little of the genre and never played it himself. Interestingly, it worked in spite of the odds, though purists decried his lack of country music knowledge. Didn't matter anyway, as Emmis dropped country in favor of burned out dance hits last August, and Tilden was once again shown the door.

Now KABC thinks they may have had something in Tilden after all. The station announced that Tilden will host America's Earliest Morning Show weekdays from 11 PM to 2 AM beginning April 9th.

Sale Approved

Tilden returns to KABC just in time for the station to change hands from Disney/ABC to Citadel, as the FCC approved the purchase by Citadel on March 22nd. In Loa Angeles, the deal means KABC and KLOS (95.5 FM) will soon be Citadel properties, while KDIS (1110 AM) and KSPN (710 AM) remains under the control of the mouse.


Digital broadcasts known as HD Radio are no longer an experiment, as the FCC voted 5-0 last week to approve final rules on the technology. This means that FM stations can add extra digital stations to their signal without prior approval as had been needed, and AM stations can broadcast HD at night for the first time.

Listeners, of course, must buy a new HD-capable radio in order to hear the digital broadcasts. Most of the major AM stations in Los Angeles already use HD during the day, and numerous FM stations offer at least one extra channel in addition to a digital simulcast of their regular channel. The new rules take effect in about a month.

Read This Sunday

Citing data that proves transistors are the real threat to human existence, scientists at North Torrance University are calling for the return of tubes in the design of all things electronic, from radios and televisions to computers.

"People used to be more patient," said Edward Esac, research manager, "due to the fact that it took time for radios and televisions to 'warm up.' With the advent of transistors, people no longer have to plan for their entertainment, which makes them want instant gratification. Ultimately, people lose their work ethic both in jobs and in their education, allowing for the takeover of the world by countries like China and their subsidiaries: stores like Wal-Mart. Ironically, most tubes are now made in China.

For their part, officials in LAUSD are happy just to keep the ol' Univac in service. But I digress. In reality, it is just April Fools.


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