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Airwaves: March 23, 2007

Readers Revenge

Opening up the mailbag to catch up on some correspondence ...

Favorite Station

"Recently you mentioned streaming radio on the internet in your column; one station that I listen to more than any is an adult standards station in Vegas. The station is KJUL-FM at 104.7, and is on the internet at

"I love this station as do all of my friends. I discovered it on one of my many visits there and have listened ever since. They have a vert long playlist and you hear many songs you haven't heard for a long time, so it stays fresh.

"On the weekend they run many special music segments and use hosts such as John Tesh and others. I highly recommend this station and suggest checking into it." -- Roger Rod, via e-mail

Thanks, Roger. I've heard the station as well when I was in Vegas, but didn't realize they had their audio on the net, let alone know the high quality sound they send out. Great suggestion!

Program Log

"We have many sources for television programs, but none for radio talk shows, showing the day, time, station, host and subject." -- Neil Cooper, Torrance

You're right. Not even highlights. I have toyed with the idea of at least putting together a log of programs, hosts and stations, but for various reasons have not done so yet. I do know that with radio, subjects to be discussed often are not decided until the host actually goes on the air, so that portion would probably be impractical. I will see what I can do, though.

Foxy Studios

"I am wondering what ever became of the old KFOX-FM, and are their studios still located on the pier in Redondo Beach." -- Pietro Arroyo, Torrance

The station that was once KFOX (93.5 FM) does indeed still exist, though now instead of mellow rock (I still have a KFOX "fox" card) they play Hip Hop as KDAY. Their city of license remains Redondo Beach, but to the best of my knowledge, they have no presence in the city at all; even the transmitter is located in Torrance: according to, KDAY shares a tower with KNX (1070 AM) off of 190th Street.

What became of the studios on the Pier? I don't know. Last time I was at the Pier I looked for them and couldn't find where they used to be. Either I was lost, or all evidence of them being there is gone.


"Will HD Radio make it?" -- Dean Edwards, Torrance

The jury is still out, but the FCC might help things along soon, at least with AM HD. HD Radio is the trademark for digital radio broadcasting from Ibiquity in which digital signals are sent along with the analog signals. Regular analog radios still play like normal, while an HD radio decodes the digital signal for better AM sound and extra channels on FM.

HD on FM is fine, for the most part, even though HD Radios are few and far between. But AM stations outside of major cities are reluctant to jump aboard because the FCC still hasn't allowed HD broadcasts on AM at night. And without nights, many stations figure it's not worth it. Los Angeles, by the way, is a different story, as most major AM stations -- and the major FMs as well -- do broadcast HD.

The FCC is expected to change that uncertainty soon by authorizing nighttime AM HD broadcasts. If those go well, and if radio prices continue to drop, HD will have a glorious, bright future. Personally, I hope it does, for while I was skeptical in the past, the sound of HD on AM can be fabulous (music on KDIS 1110 AM sounds fantastic), and the extra channels on FM are fun.

Hopefully we'll know something soon.


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