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Airwaves: February 2, 2007

Air America finds Green

Air America has found itself a buyer -- and a way out of bankruptcy -- as expected. But the suitor isn't New York's Westchester County French family as was rumored last week.

The buyer is instead SLG Radio, LLC, controlled by Stephen L. Green who made his name and fortune in New York real estate through his SL Green Realty Corporation.

SLG Radio appears to be a brand-new corporation formed for the sole intent of buying and running Air America Radio. The purchase is a personal investment by Stephen Green along with his brother Mark; SL Green Realty Corporation is not involved in the purchase. The deal is expected to close by mid February, assuming approval by the courts.

Air America host Al Franken, who years ago was actually funny, will exit the struggling network at about the time the new company will take over. His last show will air February 14 at its regular local time of 9 am to 12 pm on KTLK (1150 AM). Franken is expected to make a decision soon on whether or not he'll run for the US Senate in Minnesota.

Replacing Franken will be Thom Hartmann. Hartmann had been syndicated to a few stations as part of Air America's new syndication division, though he was not officially part of Air America's "official" national lineup until now. Interestingly, Hartmann's syndicated show ran live at the same time as Franken's. Should make for an easy transition.

Moving Up

Compared with six months ago, there are 95 more radio stations in the United States, bringing the total to 13,837 according to an FCC report released January 26th.

Nationwide there were 4,754 AM stations, up ten from last June; 6,266 commercial FM stations, an increase of 28, and 2,817 educational FM stations, a whopping 57 more than in June.

Serious About the Super Bowl

Sirius Satellite Radio has gotten serious about the Super Bowl. This Sunday you can tune into ten game broadcasts in seven different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and German. And if you have a preference, you can choose two different versions of Spanish: Spain and Latin-America dialects.

No word on coverage of the Bud Bowl.

Lizards in Exile

One year ago, Fabulous Radio signed off the air, silencing one of the best standards formats ever heard in Southern California.

Now it's reunion time. Former Fabulous programmer Brad Chambers announced that he will be hosting the 2nd annual Sweetheart Ball Sunday evening, February 18th at the historic Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.

$99 gets you dinner, music and dancing all night to The Wise Guys. For more information, go to Only hitch? They need to confirm 200 couples (400 tickets) ... by today.


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