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Airwaves: September 29, 2006

Making War

Tomorrow at 10 PM on KPCC (89.3 FM), the LA Theater Works' The Play's the Thing will air The Real Dr. Strangelove, by Peter Goodchild.

Based on Goodchild's book of the same name, the play tells the story of Edward Teller and J. Robert Oppenheimer. Teller is considered the "father" of the hydrogen bomb; Oppenheimer the "father" of the atomic bomb.

After the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Oppenheimer became somewhat of a pacifist, pushing to limit the development of nuclear arms and to avoid an arms race with the Soviet Union. He used his influence as chief advisor to the Atomic Energy Commission to spread his opinions, drawing the ire of various politicians and scientists, who called for a hearing to determine if he should maintain his security clearance.

Teller is considered by some as a prime reason for the loss of Oppenheimer's clearance. As a star witness against Oppenheimer, Teller testified at the hearing that Oppenheimer was acting in a way that was "exceedingly hard to understand," and that he felt it best to place the interests of the United States in the hands of someone that he trusted more. Asked if a security clearance would "endanger the common defense and security," Teller replied that "it would be wiser not to grant clearance."

Oppenheimer's security clearance was revoked.

The play stars Simon Templeman, Joe Spano and John de Lancie.

Movin' On Up

The Movin' format, which took over KZLA (now KMVN, 93.9 FM) last month, is the latest in the format of the month club ... taking the country by storm just like disco in the 1970s, country in the 1980s, and glam-rock in the 1990s.

Now KFRC/San Francisco picks up the format, dropping oldies of the 1970s and '80s in favor of consultant Don Burn's adult dance hits.

KFRC joins KMVN and stations in St. Louis, Seattle and Salt Lake City in playing the new format, which targets women aged 18-44.

Speaking of Movin'

I am so mad at myself. I planned all weekend to tune into and record the debut of Rick Dees on Movin' 93.9. Then I got up Monday morning and not only forgot to set the recorder ... I forgot to tune in at all! I was into my regular Bill Handel (KFI, 640 AM) groove.

Dees has not been on the air for about two years, ever since he was let go from KIIS-FM (102.7). As one of Southern California's all-time most popular morning personalities, Dees' return to the airwaves was highly anticipated. For those who did tune in, I am told, he had a great debut show. Jack Nicholson was a special celebrity guest,and Dees was in top form ... I am told.

Oh, well. Full review next week. If I remember.

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