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Airwaves: July 21, 2006

Perfect Weather

It may be too hot and humid outside, but the weather's been perfect for radio reception. Most areas of the South Bay have been receiving more stations more clearly than in quite some time.

If you get a chance, tune around the FM dial. Compare San Diego's Jack-FM (100.7) with L.A.'s version (93.1). Check out Star 94.1 with our own Star 98.7. See if you like country on US 95.7.

On the South/South-West side of the Peninsula as well as at Torrance Beach, you can usually pick up KRUZ 97.5 and well as some other prime choices out of Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Just a fun way to beat the heat. Or at least have some radio fun, even in the heat.

Reading the Mail

After last week's column on American Samoa's version of KHJ -- which features a DJ name Charlie Tafuna, a tongue-in-cheek tribute to KBIG's morning man Charlie Tuna -- I received this letter from the real Charlie Tuna, reminding me that radio today can be great:

"I look back on the past fondly with some great memories of 93/KHJ,  starting KROQ-AM with my morning show in 1972, then moving to KKDJ and becoming the morning man and PD as we started KIIS AM & FM in 1975, and then starting KHTZ in the early 80’s when we hit #1, and I had a great deal of fun in the early 90’s at KODJ. KMPC sports talk was terrific in the 90’s, KIK–FM country the best and I loved KLAC, but given all those past moments, KBIG is doing more creative and fun things involving our audience than any of those in the past.  

"For instance, besides giving away a free car every week for a year, this past Friday we started the first of a monthly live performance and catered breakfast in the KBIG Guitar Center Studio down the hall from our regular studio. Deborah Gibson was our special guest and performed 2 songs on the air live with our listeners, then we returned to our main studio to continue the show while our listeners stayed to hear two more songs live with Deborah, who then hung around for pictures and autographs.

"As fun and creative as KHJ was,  I’m having more fun than ever  doing mornings on KBIG and it’s far more interesting and interactive with the listeners than it ever was in the “good old days”. I know you are a big fan of radio days gone by, but as my sons and daughters in their 20’s and 30’s remind me, one of the reasons I’m still on the air after 39 years in Los Angeles playing the hits is that I’ve embraced all the new technology and evolved my show with the changing times. KHJ was a great radio station with a 20+ share in the morning Hooper ratings and a 15 in the Pulse when I left there in 1972, but there wasn’t the competition that we have today from all sorts of media.

"I love that you revere the past, but you’re really missing out on the present which is a lot more fun and interesting than radio ever was.  Remember I was there doing it, not just listening on the outside looking in. Just sit down with our PD Chachi and he’ll tell you some new upcoming interactive listener features on our website that will blow your mind."

Programming note: A feature on Tuna and KBIG is in the works.


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