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Radio AM to FM: March 11, 2005

Satellite Inflation

XM Satellite Radio announced that they will be raising the monthly subscription rate to $12.95, matching the rate charged by Sirius.

Like Sirius, however, the rate now includes on-line web streaming and a few other perks, so those subscribers who added those features to their basic subscription will actually see a price decrease.

Many observers feel that the move will help competitor Sirius, as both services now charge the same basic rate and XM will still charge for the Playboy channel.

XM still has a huge lead in the number of subscribers -- 3.5 million versus 1.5 million for Sirius -- but Sirius is on a roll as of late and appears to be gaining subscribers at a faster rate than XM. Both services are excellent.


Josh Escandon is out of the afternoon slot of KBIG after spending over three years there. No official word on why, but there are rumbles that Escandon was taken by surprise when his contract was not renewed.

It' Raining Vans!

San Diego's KIOZ (Rock 105.3) is dropping one of their promotional vans from a helicopter tomorrow at the city's Coors Amphitheater.

No, they really don't expect it to fly. They're dropping it from a height of a few hundred feet or so onto a giant numbered grid as a contest: the listener's square that the van most lands in (I am so glad my high school english teacher doesn't read this column) wins a pair of his and hers Harley Davidsons.

If the weather is clear, tune in to 105.3 FM for a special broadcast beginning tomorrow at 12 noon. The great Van Drop will take place at approximately 1 or 1:30.

Mail Bag

Q: I read the following: "The Tammy Bruce Show is now national and syndicated! Every Saturday from 4 to 7 PM Pacific. Tammy's flagship station is KABC in Los Angeles, and national syndication is distributed by Talk Radio Network, which offers streaming audio for members."

What does this mean? Is she on real radio stations, or do I have to pay to listen to this on the net? -- Joe, via email

A: I have no clue where you found that, but Bruce's show is still on KABC, 4 - 8 PM Saturdays according to the KABC website. If you are not near an affiliate such as KABC, however, you can hear her on the internet if you are a subscriber to the Talk Radio Network's premium membership. The cost is $5.95 monthly or $54.95 yearly for Bruce's show.

Because TRN sells the feed to subscribers, KABC and other stations are not allowed to stream her show through their websites.


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