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Radio AM to FM: November 12, 2004

This Just In ...

Is the record industry planning to go after passengers of cars with radios?

According to a recent story in About.Com, the Recording Industry Association of America will be expanding it's copyright infringement lawsuits and will be filing against anyone who has ever listened to a radio broadcast in a car: friends, family members, carpoolers ... even hitchhikers.

"We think this is a no-brainer," an unidentified RIAA spokesman told About.Com. "These drivers have been illegally sharing music on their radios for too long."

At issue: RIAA attorneys claim that the radio in each car was meant to be listened to only by the actual buyer or owner of the car, and music licensing fees were calculated by that premise. Additional passengers who listen to music in a car owned by someone else, therefore, are doing so without the permission of appropriate copyright holders. In other words, they are listening to music illegally shared by the vehicle owner.

According to the story, RIAA attorneys will be filing papers in Federal District courts across the country to have automakers release the names and addresses of every car buyer over the past 20 years.

Additionally, they are trying to obtain a court order to exhume the bodies of Scottish physicist James Clerk-Maxwell and Guglielmo Marconi in order to sue the corpses for unfair business practices. Clerk-Maxwell developed the theory of electromagnetic waves, while Marconi is credited with discovering wireless radio.

In case you are concerned that this move by the RIAA may affect you, keep in mind this: the About.Com story is satire. See the hilarious original story by Corey Deitz at

Mail Bag

I used to listen to the Drama Hour on KSUR, but then they changed to the awful oldies programming and left only Stan Freberg. Now they even canceled him. Are there any other stations, AM or FM, which broadcast the drama hour or parts of it? -- Del, via email

For this I went to my official source for radio drama, reader Mike Dangott, who sent the following:

Saturdays 9 - 10 PM, Imagination Theater on KFMB/San Diego (760 AM).

The first Monday of each month, Midnight to 3 AM, Don't Touch That Dial on KPFK (90.7 FM).

When conditions permit, 10 - 11 PM, When Radio Was on KSL/Salt Lake City (1160 AM). The program is repeated during the early hours (after Midnight) on weekends.

Two web sites that may be of interest:, which plays old-time programs every day from 5 to 9 PM Pacific time, and, which runs the old CBS Radio Mystery Theater, 10-15 episodes available at one time.


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