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Radio AM to FM: August 27, 2004

Convention 2004

SPERDVAC -- the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy is celebrating its 30th year of preserving America's radio history, and plans are being finalized for its annual convention.

This year SPERDVAC is hosting their Old-Time Radio Convention 2004 November 12-14 at the Hacienda Hotel located at 525 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, near LAX. Seven panels, five recreations, two banquets and a Sunday brunch with Art Linkletter are on the agenda, along with a dealers room, where people can sell their old time radio books, tapes, CDs and memorabilia.

For information, go to or call (310) 219-0053

Drugged Liberals

Clear channel jettisoned at least half a century of musical programming -- in various forms -- this week when it dropped standards in favor of liberal talk on San Diego's KPOP (1360 AM).

A fascinating move, to say the least, considering that KPOP has consistently earned decent, if not high ratings, in a format that it dominated. KPOP has hovered at about 1.5 in the Arbitrons for at least the past year.

Even more fascinating is the call letter change to KLSD which may indeed stand for "Liberal San Diego," but which will never shake the drug reference. Of course, the calls do allow a change to all Grateful Dead music if the talk format doesn't pan out.

Only part of the nationally syndicated Air America lineup is on KLSD: Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garafolo and Al "I really was funny, but that was a long time ago" Franken. Ed Schultz from the Jones Radio Network and Lionel from the WOR Radio Network round out the syndicated programming. Live and local is Stacy Taylor who moves over from KOGO (600 AM) for mornings. Not a bad lineup, with the exception of Franken.

With the loss of standards on KPOP, San Diego can look to KURS (1040 AM), or maybe KCEO (1000 AM), which plays standards all night long will add standards programming to their daytime schedule.


"I read your column in the Friday RAVE! Special Section of the Daily Breeze.

"In reading a recent column it seems Arrow-FM has a decline in audience. Dah!

"This was a great station. It was the only station I would listen to in the morning and not change the dial the rest of the day. But I hate talk radio.

"This Johnny Brandmeier might have been great in Chicago but he has turned me (and others I know) totally off. I've switched to KOST. I've tried to remember to switch back after 10 AM but rarely do.

"This radio station is like the Dodgers - it wasn't broken so why did you fix it?

"Wasn't this the same radio station that tried two gross guys out of Oregon or Washington about four or five years ago? Didn't that last less than a month?

"I hope you?ll write a column about this so maybe management will listen." -- B. G. Stine, via e-mail

I keep hearing from people who say that Brandmeier is great, I just need to give him time. Frankly, I don't know if I have that much time ... I just don't "get" him, it seems.

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