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Radio AM to FM: April 2, 2004

Low Life

The Sandra Tsing Loh saga continues to make the news, due primarily to the questionable actions on the part of Loh herself.

Last week her former employer KCRW (89.9 FM) released a statement that said, essentially, that they were no longer going to remain silent in the face of strong criticism from Loh and her supporters.

"After much deliberation, KCRW has decided to release the letter that Ms. Loh faxed to General Manager Ruth Seymour on the day she was notified that her program, "The Loh Life," was canceled."

Actually, the word "program" is a bit extreme. The items in question are actually weekly 3-minute recordings run as a spice to the other programming ... hardly a program. But I digress.

"Less than 48 hours after writing this letter, Ms. Loh retained the services of a public relations firm," according to the press release sent out by KCRW spokesman Sarah Spitz. "Ms. Loh fanned a media storm with negative remarks about the station that led to personal attacks on its employees. She (also) made misleading statements about her own culpability in using indecent language on the air."

Judge for yourself; here's the letter, addressed to manager Seymour:

"Dear Ruth,

"I just want to say, once again, how deeply horrified I am about what occurred Sunday morning. While uttering an expletive over the air was the very opposite of my intention, I should not have placed another person in a 'gatekeeper' capacity for my work. I genuinely hope KCRW will not suffer lasting negative effects due to my foolish and ill-timed mistake.

"I also want to extend my apologies to (the recording engineer). He is an excellent engineer, who I thoughtlessly -- and unfairly -- put in a professionally precarious situation. THe responsibility for this disaster is mine, not his. While I myself have been fired, I hope that (the recording engineer) will be able to continue in his otherwise wonderfully productive career at KCRW.

"On a personal note, I do remain extremely grateful for the long tenure I've had with you, and the valuable opportunities that have come my way because of my affiliation with your great station. I continue to wish you all the very best.

Sincerely, Sandra Tsing Loh."

Quite a different story than that reported in most other newspapers. Seems to me that Loh should either change her name to "Lie," or change her little segment to "The Low Life." Either way, competitor KPCC's credibility has gone down substantially with the announcement that they have hired Loh to run her features there. I hope Loh is enjoying her extended -- and undeserved --15 minutes of fame.

Tammy's Back!

Tammy Bruce, once heard over the airwaves of KFI (640 AM), has joined KABC (790 AM) for a new syndicated show airing Saturdays from 4 to 7 PM.

Not a stereotypical feminist (if there is one), Bruce is openly gay, pro-choice, and pro-death-penalty. She voted for Ronald Reagan. Twice. She doesn't hate men. She's against violent rap, let-it-all-hang-out sex ed classes, and the entertainment industry's "moral depravity beyond measure."

She was the youngest president of the Los Angeles chapter of National Organization for Women when she was elected at the age of 27, and her most recent political experience was serving on Governor Schwarzenegger's Transition Team.

Stereotypical? Of anything? Certainly not. Interesting? Definitely.


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