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Radio AM to FM: October 24, 2003

Sour Grapes

KFI's popular afternoon team of John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou have spent much of the past two weeks railing against striking (or locked out) supermarket employees.

Now don't get me wrong: I like John and Ken. But I can't help thinking that the latest "crusade," especially on the part of the outspoken Kobylt, is a bit insincere. It appears to be an attempt to find a hot topic to replace the California recall election now that the latter is over, as every single complaint that the duo have against the workers could just as easily apply to the team itself.

John and Ken say the workers are already overpaid since they don't require any special skills. Okay ... exactly what special skills are needed to have someone else screen your telephone calls (in other words, do all the work) while you talk for four hours a day? Between news and commercials, that four hours is closer to two and a half.

John and Ken complain that many of the workers are part time and don't deserve any benefits. Of course, as mentioned, the duo works four hours a day, outside of show prep that consists of reading newspapers. That's full-time pay for part-time work.

John and Ken maintain that no one gets full benefits any more, and the workers shouldn't get it either. Here it appears to be sour grapes: John and Ken work for KFI, a union station. As such, until last year (or so) they did indeed receive full medical. There were dramatic cuts within the past year which forced AFTRA union members to pay out of their pockets for vastly lowered coverage, but in years past they did indeed receive full coverage ... again, for part time work.

So two people who make six-figure salaries working a part-time job that requires no skills, no training and no education are railing against supermarket workers for supposedly being overpaid?

I expect more from my favorite afternoon team. Maybe they were just overtired after the whirlwind drama of the recall, since they are most definitely out of line on this one.

New Addition

New to the collection of airchecks at Uncle Ricky's Top-40 Radio Repository -- -- is a wonderful recording of the Real Don Steele from Ten-Q on July 5, 1977.

This one is over an hour and is unscoped, which means it includes the commercials, all the songs, and of course Steele with his unmatched style.

Think radio plays a variety of songs today? The variety of songs and artists on Ten-Q was amazing. With a wide-open playlist and personalities like Steele, no wonder Ten-Q was so hot at the time. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes close in the modern era of overly-researched corporate radio. Check it out today.


History in the Making

Don Barrett had a great story about Mike Sakellarides and the recent history of KOST (103.5 FM) on his website, The event? Sakellarides celebrates 21 years as KOST's midday music personality -- continuing the record he already set as longest-running midday jock in Los Angeles Radio history.

A subscription is needed, but is well worth it. LARadio.Com is the best source of daily news, rumors and features about Los Angeles radio that you will find anywhere.



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