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Radio AM to FM: January 24, 2003

Gotta Dance

What must have been the best kept secret in the radio industry took everyone by surprise last Friday as Entravision flipped KSSC/KSSD (103.1 FM) from Spanish music to "L.A.'s Party Station," an English-language dance music format.

Patterned after KKDL/Dallas, Texas, also owned by Entravision, the new format is similar to what Power 106 sounded like back in 1986: high-energy dance music. And that KKDL connection isn't just skin deep: It is expected that new call letters will be assigned soon. Indeed, new call signs KDLD and KDLE were requested by Entravision from the FCC on January 17th ... the same day as the format change.

As with KDLK's debut in October, 103.1 is in the middle of a huge continuous music marathon: 10,000 songs in a row, in this case, or almost a month's worth, if you figure an average of 15 songs per hour. No personalities are on the air yet, but they will arrive after the marathon concludes.

Like Power 106's early days. many of the songs played on 103.1 are extended mixes of songs you might hear elsewhere or songs that are played primarily in dance clubs. I recall some of Power's personalities being involved in the club scene, giving the station an edge in adding music to the playlist. My guess is that 103.1 will do the same.

The primary market for the new 103.1 is young Latinos who prefer English-language music, but I am betting it will attract a much broader audience. This could cause quite a stir ... stay tuned.


Actor Dennis Franz and actress Patricia Heaton were named KNX Newsradio 2002 Man and Woman of the Year by KNX manager George Nicholaw in a ceremony held last week in Century City.

Franz was recognized his many years of public service, including the hosting of fundraising run/walks and the LAPD golf tournament. He is also a spokesman for RADD: Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving. Or is it RAAAADD? You may recognize him from roles on NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues and many motion pictures.

Heaton, star on "Everyone Loves Raymond," was honored for her commitment to children. She serves as spokeswoman for the March of Dimes, works with Save the Children and lends support to an orphanage in Mexico.


Speaking of KNX ... Reader Mike Dangott wrote in to admonish me for not printing the new lineup for the KNX Drama Hour. So without further ado ...

Monday: Mr. and Mrs. North; The Lone Ranger

Tuesday: The Frontier Gentleman; Night Beat

Wednesday: The Third Man; Tales of the Texas Rangers

Thursday: Dragnet; Box 13

Friday: Gunsmoke; The Shadow

Saturday: The Jack Benny Program; The Great Gildersleeve

Sunday: Lux Radio Theater

Programs start nightly at 9:06 except Wednesdays when they begin at 10:06.


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