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Radio AM to FM: April 11, 2003

Fabulous 570 Finds

KLAC (570 AM) has expanded its reach somewhat with the addition of Fabulous Finds, a new talent showcase. Singers can record their favorite songs -- as long as at least one of them is a cover of a standard -- on CD or cassette and send them in to the station. Songs get aired Sunday evenings at 8 PM, after which listeners can vote for their favorite performers online at Winners then appear at monthly parties where they will perform live; the contest culminates with finals in December.


America OnLine has added National Public Radio to its special broadband subscriber features, available to AOL subscribers who access the network through DSL, cable or other broadband means.

NPR can be found in the News-Sports-Talk section or AOL; the radio network can also be found as part of Radio@Netscape.Com and on Spinner.Com, both owned by AOL.

Savage Talk

Michael Savage has moved his syndicated show from KPLS (830 AM) to KRLA (870 AM) as of April 1st.

Airing weeknights from 5 - 8 pm, the show is heard on over 300 stations nationwide; on KRLA the program replaces the daily Dennis Prager repeat.

"We are thrilled to air the Michael Savage Show," said KRLA General Manager Dave Armstrong in a press release. "His strong, unfailing voice on current events are an exciting addition to the station."

Savage earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and may indeed be the only conservative person to ever attend or graduate from the University. Wait, I'm kidding. Really. The author of 18 books, Savage's show is described by some as a combination of standup improvisation combined with gut-wrenching drama.

Waterfront Fun

I always think of the movie Quiz Show when I hear the title, On the Waterfront, due to it being a key element of the beginning of the quiz show scandals of the 1950s.

Tomorrow at 8 pm, KPCC's (89.3 FM) The Plays The Thing will air a modern version of On the Waterfront starring Bruce Davison, Jeffrey Donovan, Hector Elizondo, Rebecca Pidgeon and David Selby. It's the classic story about the New York waterfront and the kid who coulda been a contenda ...

That '70s Station

KFSD/San Diego (1450 AM) has changed from classical to seventies hits using the name The Fox. "It's lots of fun," station manager Susan Burke told Don Barrett's

To hear it in your area, you'll need a good radio as coverage up here is not so hot. Something like a GE Superadio III would do it.


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