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Radio AM to FM: January 11, 2002

Cheap Publicity

Attempting to settle the great Sports Debate of 2001 as well as attract some publicity from gullible radio columnists, KXTA (1150 AM) is offering $5 million to the winner of a proposed football game between the University of Miami and the the University of Oregon.

The proposed game is in response to the method in which colleges were selected to appear in various bowl games; some felt that the games as already played did not truly give us a national champion.

Proposed for Saturday, February 2nd -- the day before the Super Bowl -- the game would be held in Los Angeles. Both teams would be receive travel and lodging reimbursements, but the $5 million would go only to the winner ... "The loser goes home," says KXTA.

More Music

Craig Powers, programmer of the Art Astor Orange County station KMXN (Cool 94.3 FM) checked in to say that San Diego doesn't have the exclusive rights to adult standards music. Astor's own station at 1510 AM carries the tunes as well, and during the day some parts of Los Angeles County can indeed receive the station.

We Get Letters

A reader from "the cattle fields of Eastern Oregon" was in the South Bay over the holiday and happened to catch last week's reader comments about the Dodgers move to KFWB (980 AM) in 2003. He wrote in to say,

"Hey, Rich: who's the guy (gal) who wrote that KFWB was wasting precious time on the Dodger games? Isn't 20 hours of news per day enough? The last time I checked, all-news stations were constantly repeating stories because they never have enough news. Plus, KFWB could use the revenue ... maybe they could hire some more reporters.

"Just don't tell me that Geoff Nathanson will be hosting the pre and post-game shows ... I'll kill myself."

Mike, from Orange County wrote, "Good article on the KNX (1070 AM) Drama Hour holiday programming. But you forgot to mention the new lineup that began January 1st."

You're right, and here it is:

Sunday -- "Lux Radio Theater

Monday -- "Gunsmoke" and "Tales of the Texas Rangers"

Tuesday -- "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" and "Dragnet"

Wednesday -- "The Six Shooter" and "Dimension X"

Thursday -- The Whistler" and "The Adventures of Phillip Marlow"

Friday -- "Suspense" and "Lights Out"

Saturday -- "The Jack Benny Program" and "The Red Skelton Show"

The Drama Hour has been airing on KNX in one form or another since 1974, first with the "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" and later with old-time programming. It has remained one of the most popular evening programs in Los Angeles, attracting listeners both young and old nightly at 9 PM.


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