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Radio AM to FM: August 23, 2002

CCU Selects New RDCEO

Radio heavyweight Clear Channel Communications announced Tuesday that CC's own John Hogan has been selected to replace Randy Michaels as CEO of the company's radio division. Michaels was transferred to a new division within the company last month.

Mark Mays, President and Chief Operating Officer of Clear Channel spent the last month searching for a suitable replacement, looking both within and outside his company.

"The radio industry and our company is full of tremendous talent," Mays said in a press release, presumably with a straight face. "It was a pleasure to speak with so many qualified candidates. In the end, though, this was an easy decision. John brings the combination of sales leadership, operating vision and industry experience that is so important to our next phase of growth."

Notice he didn't mention programming experience. That's because Hogan has none.

"With so much of the acquisition activity behind us, the overriding operating goal is to grow our business organically, leveraging assets now in place," Mays continued. "John is both uniquely suited and qualified to lead that charge.

Hogan's experience includes overseeing the Los Angeles and New York markets as the radio division's Chief Operating Officer; prior to that he was one of CC Radio's Senior Vice Presidents overseeing 15 regions including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.


Infinity-owned WNEW/New York risks losing its license to broadcast if the FCC decides to get tough.

It seems that syndicated morning show Opie and Anthony -- based out of WNEW -- conducted a contest with prizes to couples who would have sex in risky places. One of the "encounters," aired on the program, took place in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral in the middle of the afternoon just a few feet from within worshipers and tourists. An usher found them in the act, police were called and the couple was arrested.

Complaints have been pouring into the FCC, and broadcasters across the country have condemned the broadcast.

Young Critic

I have shied away from reporting on the antics of KFI afternooners John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou down in San Diego as they "cover" the Westerfield trial by passing out pieces of broccoli and engaging a crowd in chanting because the jury has not reached a decision. I shied away because even though I generally like the program, this is below even them.

I mention it , though, because I was in the car this week with my family listening to the show. As is typical lately, Kobylt was ranting, raving and whining about the trial, going on and on and on about how the jury is stupid. Suddenly my six-month-old son, Sean, started crying. Louder and louder. My wife and I thought he was hungry; on a lark I changed the station. Sean immediately settled down and started cooing.

I considered it a valid critique of the program.

Your Life

Chuck Southcott's Music of Your Life may not have a Los Angeles affiliate, but transmitter upgrades have apparently allowed affiliate KWRP (96.1 FM) in San Bernardino/Riverside to come in as if it were a local station throughout much of Los Angeles County.

Reception of the adult standards station has been reported in the West Valley, Encino, and Woodland Hills as well as in the South Bay. I get it clearly in San Pedro, even as I drive. And it sounds great.


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