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Radio AM to FM: May 11, 2001

(K)Big Rumor

Rumors of future changes at KBIG (104.3 FM) have been swirling for a few months now, due primarily to flat ratings and a format that is very close to that of more successful sister station KOST (103.5 FM).

Not that the stations are identical. For example, I can listen to KBIG for a time; KOST, on the other hand, makes me ill. But I digress.

I've never really believed the rumors, and some insiders are insisting that no changes could possibly be coming because the station just makes too much money. I don't even believe the latest that just arrived this week via an e-mailing from (some day I'll figure out how I got on that mailing list). But it is interesting. Here's the scoop.

"Monday May 14 KBIG becomes "1043 the Buzz". Poorman does mornings live. Other dayparts tracked from KIOZ San Diego."

Like I said I don't believe it. The station does make money, and if they were to do anything, the smart move would be to hire former Mix PD Craig Carpenter as programmer. (Any of my friends at Clear Channel reading this? How about my enemies?)

Movin' to the Beach

KFSG has been forced off their old frequency of 96.3 FM due to a station sale, so they moved down the dial to 93.5 FM, home of the former KFOX.

At press time I was unable to confirm, but my understanding is that the folks at KFSG are buying time on 93.5 (more recently KMJR) and do not actually own it. The station is licensed to serve the city of Redondo Beach.

KFSG spent 30 years at 96.3, but actually has a history dating back to February 6, 1924. The first religious station in Los Angeles, the call letters stand for Kall (Call) Four Square Gospel.

City Talker

Award-winning LA journalist Kitty Felde is taking over as full-time host of KPCC's (89.3 FM) public affairs call-in program, Talk of the City.

"Kitty is one of the most highly regarded journalists in Los Angeles," said General Manager Cindy Young. "With Kitty hosting Talk of the City in the afternoons and Larry Mantle hosting AirTalk in the mornings, KPCC has an unbeatable one-two punch."

A 17-year veteran of public radio, Felde has most recently been the Friday host of "Talk," and a reporter in the KPCC newsroom. "It's long been my dream to be the full-time host of the show," she said. "I couldn't be happier."

"Radio has the potential to link southern California's diverse communities in a way that no other medium can," added Felde, who grew up in Compton. "I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a station with such a strong commitment to telling the stories happening at the grassroots. Local news has long been a passion of mine, and to have this opportunity at a station that shares that passion is incredibly exciting."

Felde replaces Linda Othenin-Girard, who is taking over as Senior Producer of AirTalk. Ilsa Setziol, who was Senior Producer of AirTalk, will become a KPCC reporter specializing in environmental coverage.

Talk of the City airs weekdays from 1-2:30 pm. One hour of the program is rebroadcast every day from 9-10 pm.


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