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Radio AM to FM: March 16, 2001

All your base are belong to us.

Readers Revenge

Last week Rave! presented the 2000 Waggys. This week its your turn on: The Readers Revenge:

From Eric of San Pedro:

Best Syndicated Talk Show, Comedy or Shock Genre: The Howard Stern Show, KLSX. PROS: The best. The ratings. Has class in the face of sleaze in which he seems to wallow. CONS: The sleaze. The FCC. The moralists.

Worst:The Tom Leykis Show, KLSX. PROS: Groin level lessons: insight to the talk format and how it can be bad. CONS: Constraining format. Insidious voice. His subdued bitterness toward women. His popularity among the left side of the Bell Curve. (Wag-Note: OUCH!)

Best Syndicated Political Talk Show: Rush Limbaugh, KFI. PROS: The exposer of truth (at least of the conservative nature). CONS: A little too one-sided.

Best Local Political Talk Show: Larry Elder, KABC. PROS: Eloquent, intelligent, fearless. CONS: Can be a bit cocky. Far too intelligent for most.

Worst Talk Show, Period: Dr. Laura Schlessinger, KFI. PROS: None. CONS: So moralistic as to defy all expectation to those as needy to need her so-called advice to second-guess her doctoral advice.

The Wagnanomous Award for Excellence: Paul Harvey, KABC. Insightful in a discerning sense, humorous, wise, experienced, informative, instiller of happiness. A person who I admire.

From Lena, off the internet:

I like Laura Schlessinger, Larry Elder, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Handel (KFI), and Dennis Prager (KRLA).

I do not like Phil Hendrie (KFI) ... he gets dirty, Mr. KABC ... a know-it-all, Art Bell ... hate him and he takes up so much radio time, and Tom Leykis ... he is a no-no, too.

From Marty, also off the internet:

Best Morning Talk Half-Hour: Bill Handel discussing the news with his crew from 6 - 6:30 am. A bunch of intelligent, opinionated (can you do talk and NOT have opinions?) guys.

Worst New Morning Talk Show: Dave and Amy, KABC. Was that "Dave and Amy," or "Bert and Ernie?" In two words, they are "bor ing."(Wag-Note 2: OUCH AGAIN! ... I'll leave the "Bert and Ernie will be upset" jokes for later).

What Were They Thinking Award: 1540 AM picking up the KMPC call letters. Sure, when the calls were on 710 AM, the station ran (for a very brief moment) all-sports. But listeners ignored it.

From Alan Oda:

Biggest Loss: The passing of Mark Denis. It's still hard to realize that the cliche "only the good die young" is far too true ... (Wag Note 3: I agree. Denis was an amazing person who was considered by almost everyone he met to be a true friend.)

Big Mistake Award: KBIG for the slogan "L.A.'s Upbeat Mix." As opposed to downbeat? Or simply "The Beat?" Kudos, however for giving veteran Charlie Tuna another regular gig.

Others from various readers:

Worst in Radio: Michael Jackson not being on the air. This award is split with Jackson himself, who turned down the evening shift offer from KABC (credit David Alpern)

Best in Radio: KNX and KFWB, for providing good quality news radio to our town. (credit: David Alpern)

Best Personalities: Don Burns (KTWV) and Joe Daniels (KLAC). Best Talk Show Host: Ira Fistell (credit: Patty)

Best Talk Show Hosts: Doug McIntyre (KABC) and Bill Handel (KFI). Doug is a real gentleman with callers, intelligent and knowledgeable. Bill is so truthful, yet he exaggerates, which makes him very humorous. (credit: June).

Best Radio Station: KFRG. Cowboy music, take me away! (credit: Leslie)

Best Show that was Canceled: The Mack Davis Show, KZLA. You'd think that a country music station could devote three measly hours a week to their roots. His interviews were very interesting. (credit: Bob, Manhattan Beach).

This was fun. Just keep in mind that the views expressed in todays column are those of the readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of myself, anyone else connected with Rave! or my dogs. The cats, maybe. But not the dogs.


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