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Radio AM to FM: March 2, 2001

John and Ken and KFI and ...

The hot rumor this week has former KFI (640 AM) afternoon team and former KABC (790 AM) morning team John and Ken returning to the afternoon AM airwaves ... on the station they spent months bashing: KFI.

Apparently the question is more "when," not "if." And that "when" may be as soon as by-the-time-you-read-this.

More information, as it develops.

Snow Season

KRLA's (870 AM) Larry Marino is taking 30 listeners with him to Bear Mountain Resort today -- assuming the weather allows the roads to stay open -- for free first-timer ski and snowboarding lessons.

Listeners won the lessons through a daily call-in-and-win contest held over the past two weeks during Moreno's regular 5 - 7 pm program; tonight at 5:00, immediately after the lessons, Marino will broadcast live from the resort in Big Bear.

He's b-a-c-k may be gone, but outstanding San Francisco radio reporter Bill Mann is not taking the closing sitting down: he's moved his column to his own web site, located at

Now all we have to do is find a good Los Angeles-area radio reporter ... seems like I once heard of one ...

Roq Reunion

"The Insane" Darrell Wayne has announced that the official KROQ (106.7 FM) Reunion will be held in the International Ballroom of the Pasadena Hilton Hotel on Saturday, June 23rd.

Sit down dinner for 600, Jimmy Rabbitt and his All-Star band, special guests and door prizes await participants. Tickets are $60 each or $100 per couple; some of the proceeds go to The TJ Martell Foundation and The Rick Carroll Scholarship Fund. For more information, contact Wayne at or


According to Joel Denver's All Access, KLAX has modified its format and instituted a policy of no corridos, story records often laced with violence and drug references. Along with the change comes a new name: "La X" is now "La Raza," a name designed to invoke images of pride in Chicano culture.

Leaving aside the fact that if any other station adopted a similar name regarding another culture, the FCC would be breathing down their backs with license revocation threats, the change is a good one for KLAX. The station has been long known as presenting a Spanish version of fun, hit-music radio once found on english-language stations throughout the country; as when they were top-rated, KLAX will emphasize fun and positive influences, appealing to the entire family. I predict success.


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