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Radio AM to FM: June 8, 2001

More Power to Ya:

While it could very well be a publicity stunt, I doubt it.

Mr. KABC, heard evenings on -- obviously -- KABC (790 AM) week nights from 7 to 9 pm, claims that his Thursday evening Hour of Power shows may be placing his job on the line.

The Hour of Power is an open discussion of issues surrounding the energy problems facing California. As discussed last week on the program and as stated on, Mr. KABC feels that the entire "crisis" is a farce, led by executives of Edison and PG&E who have all profited from the problems. The web site features footnoted information on how the crisis is a sham (The FACTS on the "Power Crisis") as well as "10 stupid things Edison and Governor Lowbeam are doing to mess up your life."

This led to a letter from a supposed employee of Edison, printed in the June 2 edition of Don Barrett's, followed by a response on June 4th from Mr. KABC himself:

"Edison has not refuted the facts I cite on my show and their classic intimidation tactics (contacting KABC general manager Bill Sommers and demanding a closed-door meeting) are on the record," wrote Mr. KABC. "All the facts on my 'Hour of Power' come from legitimate news sources.

"I have challenged Edison management to refute, in writing, any false information they claim I'm spreading. Additionally, Edison's corporate communications office has the inside line to the radio station, my home phone number and email address should they reconsider my open invitation for them to appear on my show and refute these facts."

Why the worry about his employment? According to Mr. KABC, "Edison's CEO John Bryson is on the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company, the parent company of KABC. I have no hard evidence that Mr. Bryson has used his influence to silence me, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time a whistle-blower gets sanctioned," he wrote.

Just Add Cans

Whether or not California is in a crisis or not, those wanting to save some money on electricity might want to invest in a new electricity-less product as featured in a recent edition of radio engineering newspaper, Radio World.

"Gadco RETROLUX Transduscent Passive Audio Cable ... a major breakthrough in electro-acoustic technology," says the mention quoted verbatim from the SystemsStore web site last April.

"This new energy-saving cable requires no amplification and is already a big hit in California. Utilizing a user-provided transducer at each end, RETROLUX cable passes audio like your grandfather used to hear. Requires minimum end-to-end tension of 500 lbs., with no bends, bundling or cable ties. Price: $299."

The product? I am sure the engineers got the (April Fools) joke ... rope! Tie a can to each end, pull it tight, and you have your own "communications devise."

Now if only someone would market a hi-fi crystal radio ...


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