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Radio AM to FM: June 30, 2000

Radio Net

As Clear Channel (also known as "The Evil Empire") gears up to destroy Los Angeles radio by selling off what others far more talented have created, the format called Channel 103-1 is preparing to enter cyberspace.

Actually, it is already in cyberspace, as the 103.1 FM simulcast of KACD/Santa Monica and KBCD/Newport Beach has been running its programming on the web for quite some time. But now that the broadcast stations are being sold off to Entracom and changing formats to Spanish (a simulcast of KSEE/Riverside, 97.5 FM), the web will soon be the only place to find Channel 103-1.

In order to advertise the move, the station is now referring to itself on the air as "channel"

Programmer Nicole Sandler and morning host Andy Chanley will apparently stay on and be part of the web-based station.

Mixing It Up

KXMX (Mix 95.9 FM) -- also owned by The Evil Empire, and also being sold off -- has until at least August 1st, it appears, and maybe as long as September 1st before it is taken over and entered into the No Listener Zone known as religious broadcasting.

The way programmer Craig Carpenter is talking, however, perhaps we'll see the format live on at another Clear Channel station, at which time the company may lose its Evil moniker. Stay tuned ...

No Country

It's too early to call, but many observers are figuring that the just-announced purchase of KZLA (93.9 FM) by Emmis means the end of country radio in Los Angeles. KZLA is Los Angeles' last country station and Emmis is perhaps best known for its contrived hip-hop stations, our own KPWR (Power 106) and Hot 97 in New York.

But hold the fort: Emmis doesn't only program contrived hip-hop, and while country is down, it certainly isn't out. For now, Emmis Chairman Jeff Smulyan will only say that a reformat is a "possibility" after the usual Emmis "research until no one in upper management can be blamed" is completed.

Swap Meet

Tonight at 5 pm, KKBT (92.3 FM) and KCMG (100.3 FM) swap frequencies as The Evil Empire transfers ownership of The Beat format and the Mega frequency to Radio One.

So if you tune the dial and hear "Mega 92.3" and "The Beat 100.3" after 5 pm, you're not going crazy. Prior to that time I can't comment ...

Quick Takes

I wouldn't want the job, but Eric Braverman does: He's the new (official, permanent) programmer of KABC (790 AM) effective immediately ...

Rush Limbaugh may have been overqualified for the ABC-TV Monday Night Football "color commentator" gig. ABC passed over the popular talk radio personality in favor of comedian Dennis Miller, who has never exhibited any knowledge of sports. Should make a good fit, then, with MNF host/leader Al Michaels ...

Happy 50th anniversary, mom and dad!


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