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Radio AM to FM: July 28, 2000


The Mix (KXMX, 95.9 FM) received a stay of execution due to delays in obtaining approvals for the ownership transfer from Clear Channel to Salem Communications. Once the transfer is complete (perhaps by the time you read this), studios will move from Anaheim to Glendale ... ironic, considering that you can't even pick up the station's signal in Glendale.

Here's hoping that the Mix shows up on another Clear Channel station in Los Angeles. Perhaps KBIG or KYSR. Or maybe take it to Lite 92.7 out of Avalon, a station that could use some real programming ... and a signal ...

The Spring Book

A big book for KABC took the station to its highest rating in the past year, according to the Spring Arbitron Ratings released last week. For the quarter, KABC was up more than half a point to 2.5, while Los Angeles talk leader KFI was down just shy of that same half point, coming in at 3.1. This places KABC within striking distance of KFI for the first time in five years.

Other than that, there was not much to be surprised about. A KYSR -- Star 98.7 -- was up apparently on the strength of their (for lack of a better term) morning team Jamie and Danny to 2.9, but that just places them back where they were last Summer and 0.3 down from Spring, 1999. Both all-news stations were down, but that wasn't a surprise either since there have been no major news stories to grab the interest of listeners.

Or could it be the increased commercial load that both stations are carrying? In any event, for the quarter KNX slipped from 2.3 to 2.1, while KFWB dropped from 2.1 to 1.8.

The top-five remained unchanged: KSCA, KIIS-FM, KLVE, KROQ, and KPWR held their ranks even though there were some minor adjustments in the actual shares. Admittedly, KIIS had to rely on the paltry 0.1 share it earned with Antelope Valley simulcast KAVS in order to take number two alone. Otherwise it would have shared the spot with KLVE. Rounding out the top-10 were KRTH, KFI, KOST, KBUA/KBUE and KTWV -- with minor adjustments, the same stations that held the top-10 last quarter.

It's kind of like the weather in Southern California: you can report it, but it really never changes.

The full story: each rating is an estimate of the number of listeners aged 12 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 am and 12 midnight, as determined by Arbitron.

Station: Winter 2000-Spring 2000

KSCA 6.1-5.9

KIIS/KAVS 5.5-5.1

KLVE 5.1-5.0

KROQ 4.3-4.5

KPWR 4.2-4.2

KRTH 3.3-3.2

KFI 3.5-3.1

KOST 3.9-3.1

KBUA/KBUE 3.5-3.0

KTWV 3.1-2.9

KYSR 2.6-2.9

KBIG 2.6-2.7

KABC 1.9-2.5

KKBT 2.6-2.4

KRCD/KRCV 1.2-2.4

KCBS-FM 2.0-2.3

KCMG 2.3-2.3

KLAX 2.5-2.3

KLOS 2.2-2.3

KLAC 2.0-2.2

KLSX 1.9-2.1

KNX 2.3-2.1

KZLA 2.0-2.1

KFWB 2.1-1.8

KJLH 1.6-1.8

KTNQ 1.4-1.8

KSSE 1.5-1.7

KMZT 1.4-1.3

KHJ 1.3-1.2

KLYY 1.0-0.8

KRLA 0.6-0.8

KACD/KBCD 0.7-0.6

KBLA 0.5-0.6

KIEV 0.5-0.6

KXTA 0.5-0.6

XTRA 0.6-0.6

KKLA 0.5-0.5

KWIZ 0.4-0.5

KWKW 0.7-0.5

KDIS 0.4-0.4

KFSG 0.4-0.4

KOLA 0.0-0.4

KWVE 0.6-0.4

KXMX 0.4-0.4


Ratings are Copyright © 2000 Arbitron. May not be quoted or reproduced without prior written permission from Arbitron.


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