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Radio AM to FM: July 7, 2000

Greaseman Back

Fans of Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht -- both of them -- will soon be able to listen to their favorite talk host via the internet, according to's Tomm Looney.

Tracht, who was released from his syndication deal due to some on-air remarks that were considered amazingly insensitive by just about everyone (low ratings didn't help either), will launch a high-tech internet broadcast within weeks, says the Looney one.

Swap Meet

So you're a radio junkie who missed the frequency swap between Mega 100.3 and The Beat 92.3 because you were camping in Yosemite? Fear not. Just point your web browser to

The swap, which was done so that Clear Channel could sell The Beat to Media One but keep the superior signal of 92.3 FM, came almost 31 months after Mega 100 was originally launched on November 19, 1997. I couldn't help but notice that the station was still referring to itself as "new" just prior to the change. I suppose Mega 92.3 will also be "new" for a few years.

Small-Screen Gems

KABC (790 AM) host Larry Elder (or should I say the Award Winning Larry Elder, for his winning of a local Emmy Award on June 17th) will be hosting a new television program called Moral Court. The program is currently searching for guests and will be syndicated in the near future.

Not to be outdone, KLSX (97.1 FM) talker Tom Leykis is looking into television, too, as Telepictures Productions investigates a television talk format to fit the Leykis style. If the deal goes forward, expect the show to launch in late 2000 or 2001.

Absolute Truths

A sample of The 40 Absolute Radio Truths, sent in by radio and television historian David Schwartz:

• No matter how long the song, your bathroom break is just a little longer.

• If your general manager likes the way the station is sounding, you're in trouble.

• If your local record rep likes the way the station is sounding, you're really in trouble.

(to which I'd add: if a listener is told that the management is happy with the demographic trends the station is experiencing, the format will be changing within weeks).

• 19 out of 20 requests are for the song currently being played.

• 19 out of 20 callers don't know the title or the artist, but its their favorite song. And its about love and has "baby" in it somewhere.

• Most contest callers have no idea what they're calling in to win.

• Bad ratings are never accurate ... Arbitron methodology can't be trusted ... unless, of course, the book is UP. Then its right on track.

And my favorite:

• Regarding format change rumors: if management tells you not to worry about it -- worry!


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