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Radio AM to FM: January 7, 2000

Wagner in Paris

When Mike Wagner left the programming post at KRLA (1110 AM) to take a promotions job at Disneyland Paris almost five years ago, many -- including Wagner himself -- thought that he was leaving broadcasting for good.

Turns out that he just couldn't stay away. Beginning February 1, Wagner will be the new programmer of a Paris-based oldies format called Nostalgie, heard on over 220 affiliates in France.

Unfortunately that dashes any hope of Wagner returning to Southern California's radio waves soon. I guess we're stuck with KRLA as a talk station just a little longer ...

Shareholders: Yes

Shareholders of both CBS and Viacom have approved the $47 billion merger of the two media companies. All that's left now is approval from the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice, and there is no reason to believe that approval will be withheld from either government agency.

Ironically, the merger is a complete reversal of the 1970s, when CBS was forced to spin off its television production company under orders from the DOJ. The company spun off? Viacom.

A handful of stations may be sold off to win approval, in Los Angeles most likely KFWB (980 AM) and KRLA if you believe the rumor mill. No other major changes are expected.

More KFWB News

Besides changing the name from "KFWB News 98" to KFWB News 980" to satisfy programmers and consultants who think listeners are too stupid to figure out where the station can be found on the radio dial (I myself am opposite: I think listeners are relatively smart while consultants and most programmers are stupid), KFWB management apparently has more on the drawing board.

What's coming up? Changes in the way KFWB does everything, according to one source. Details as they arrive ...

Your Life

Missing the Music of Your Life that was once heard on KGIL (1260 AM) and KGXL (1650 AM)? With a computer and a good internet connection, you can still hear it.

KWRP-FM in Hemet can't be heard locally over the airwaves, but it does put its programming on the web. Point your browser to and you can once again hear your favorite adult standards presented by the MOYL personalities: Charlie Tuna, Wink Martindale, Chuck Southcott, Teresa Payerle and Carl Hampton.

Unfortunately the station requires the vastly inferior Microsoft Windows Media Player to hear the audio rather than the vastly superior (and far more popular) RealPlayer G2 or Quicktime. That means you can expect somewhat lower fidelity and many drop-outs. Still beats nothing, though.

Charlie? Tuna?

Isn't Charlie Tuna on KLAC (570 AM)? Yes. But since MOYL doesn't run in Los Angeles, he can do two gigs at once. He's live on KLAC and tapes his morning show for the syndicated MOYL format, carried on stations such as KWRP-FM.


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