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Radio AM to FM: February 11, 2000

Fall Arbitrons

Ratings were delayed three weeks due to an apparent Y2K problem in Arbitron's (obviously non-Macintosh) computer system, but the results were worth the wait for a select few local radio stations.

For the first time in years, KIIS-FM has managed to take second place in Los Angeles, earning a 5.0 share while just barely beating out third place KLVE, which earned a 4.9. KIIS isn't looking to be in the top spot anytime soon, however ... first place KSCA fully dominated every other station in town by earning a whopping 6.8 rating, almost 2 full points above KIIS.

KOST had a huge book, too, jumping 0.6 to 3.6 and 6th place overall. Former competitor KBIG, now owned by the same conglomerate as KOST, jumped even more, increasing to 3.0 from 2.3 -- its highest rating in years. Looks like manager Jhani Kaye, the former KOST programmer who now oversees programming at both KOST and KBIG, still has that Midas Touch.

KRTH was another big winner, increasing almost half a point to 3.0 and a tenth place tie with KBIG. It is a bit of poetic justice for the programming staff at KRTH, who have been chastised for adding more seventies pop hits to the playlist and called "dumb and dumber" for that decision and the decision to hire Charlie Van Dyke for mornings by a radio industry-related newsletter publisher. Van Dyke himself, by the way was also up in the ratings, just in time to finish out the last six months of his cut contract.

The news war was won by KNX, which earned a 2.3 share compared with KFWB's 1.9. The information war (or disinformation war depending on your perspective) was won by KFI, which earned a 3.2 share -- more than a full point above KLSX's 2.1. Former talk leader KABC came in just below KLSX with a 2.0, while KRLA continued to stink up the joint with a 0.6 share -- 0.3 below its talk "peak" and far below the average it held as an oldies music station when it had a real programmer.

And finally, not that anyone really cares, KXTA (X-TRA Sports 1150) was flat at 0.5 ... once again being beaten by San Diego sister station XTRA (X-TRA Sports 690), which was up 0.2 to 0.7. If there was ever a waste of electricity, KXTA is it ... even Steve Parker, aka the Car Nut thinks so -- he's pulled his show off of KXTA due to a scheduling problem (read: he got a lousy time slot for his show). Personally I don't blame him.

Each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 12 and over, tuned to a station between the hours of 6 am and 12 midnight. (Copyright © 2000 The Arbitron Company) The full story:


KSCA 6.0-6.8

KIIS 4.8-5.0

KLVE 5.9-4.9

KROQ 4.0-3.9

KPWR 3.9-3.8


KOST 3.0-3.6

KBUA/KBUE 3.8-3.7

KFI 3.5-3.2

KTWV 3.3-3.2

KBIG 2.3-3.0


KRTH 2.6-3.0

KYSR 2.9-2.8

KCMG 2.4-2.5

KKBT 3.3-2.4

KCBS 2.5-2.3


KNX 2.4-2.3

KLOS 2.1-2.3

KZLA 2.1-2.1

KLAX 2.8-2.1

KLSX 2.2-2.1


KABC 2.4-2.0

KSSE 2.4-1.9

KFWB 1.7-1.9

KKGO 1.4-1.7

KLAC 1.6-1.7


KKHJ 1.6-1.5

KTNQ 1.3-1.4

KJLH 1.6-1.4

KBLA .6-.9



XTRA .5-.7

KWKW .5-.6

KRLA .9-.6

KFRG -.5

KXTA .5-.5

KGIL .6-.5

KIEV .6-.5



Copyright © 2000 Richard Wagoner and The Copley Press.

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