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Radio AM to FM: December 15, 2000

Looney News

RadioDigest.Com's Tomm Looney filed his last report for the internet-based radio information site this week, marking the end of his association with the company.

The decision was made because Looney now has a full time job at KXTA (1150 AM), and he didn't want to worry about the obvious conflict-of-interest: being an insider and writing about radio as if he were an outsider. Of course he's had that conflict for a while now, having had shows on KLSX (97.1 FM) and KFWB (980 AM) during his RadioGuide tenure. My guess is that his new bosses at the Evil Empire known as Clear Channel -- owner of KXTA -- have no sense of humor and didn't want him running loose.

It certainly couldn't be due to the show itself. I mean, its not as if anyone actually listens to KXTA.

In any event, it is not a good sign for RadioDigest, which has seen budget and staff cuts and now carries just a handful of columns surrounded by completely outdated information. Banner headlines on the site include stories about Paul Harvey, Steve Dahl, John and Ken, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern that are all at least a few months old. And the ratings reports haven't been updated since Fall of 1999.

I hate to say it because I am a fan of the site, but it may be time to stick a fork in it. It appears it may be done.

We Get Letter

Mary Morgan of Redondo Beach wrote in to complain about my line a few weeks ago regarding talk station KIEV (870 AM). "To say that KIEV is known as the station that nobody listens to is not true," Mary wrote adding, "I am not a nobody and neither are many of my friends.

"You evidently don't approve of the views of most of the KIEV hosts," she concluded.

Actually, my "approval" has nothing to do with the statement. KIEV just happens to have the lowest ratings of all the non-sports talk stations in Los Angeles. Is that bad? Actually, no, notwithstanding my joke about no one listening. Sometimes the best shows are not necessarily the most popular, and if KIEV's owners knew how to actually run and promote a radio station, they might actually get decent ratings here and there.

So please accept my apology. You certainly are not a "no body." I mean, it's not like you listen to KXTA or anything like that ...

Short Takes

It appears that an ownership group out of Sacramento is still planning to relaunch the 1500 AM frequency out of Burbank. This frequency was once the home of "Super 15 KBLA" and a top-40 station known as "K-ROQ." The assigned call letters are KRCK; word is that the licensee just wants to put it on the air (or get authorization to broadcast, anyway) to sell it. Asking price? Rumored to be about $40 million. Rumored launch date? Late 2001.

Theo is about to return to the Los Angeles radio airwaves. Look for him during afternoon drive on his new station at the old frequency: KCMG (Mega 92.3 FM) beginning January 2nd.


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