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Radio AM to FM: January 15, 1999

Big Nasty Speaks

In the olden days when someone got fired from a radio station, that was pretty much the end of it. The station he was on removed all evidence that he ever worked there, and the personality was not heard from until he arrived at his new station.

That was then.

Today, with the power of computers and the internet, if you get fired from one station, you can tell your side of the story to the whole world. Or at least those that find your web page.

Joe McDonnell, recently removed from the lineup at all-sports KXTA (X-TRA Sports 1150), has done just that. Available at, McDonnell gives his side of the whole ordeal, including a little background of his show and the events leading up to his firing.

Yes, it's obviously one-sided. But it does give a glimpse into the inner workings of an all-sports station.

Movin' On Up

McDonnell wasn't out of work long, by the way. He's signed on to KABC for a weekend gig, Saturday nights at 7:00. "I won't be doing sports talk. It will be a general interest show." McDonnell said. "I think this may be the new direction in my life, but who knows? Another sports opportunity may come along, and I may take it."


Johnny Magnus has been added to the roster of KLAC. Beginning January 25th he joins the station for the 2 - 7 pm afternoon drive shift.

It's another smart move for the station, which is billing itself as "Standards, Swing, and Big Band too" during the Charlie Tuna morning show. The station sounds great technically -- in spite of no longer broadcasting in stereo -- and it's nice hearing something truly different in Los Angeles for a change ... at least when the satellite format isn't running.

Unfortunately, KLAC has also added the Anaheim Angels to their lineup in a multi-year deal. Coverage will begin March 5th when Spring Training starts. For those into strange trivia, the last time the Angels had good ratings on the radio was ... um ... never. Or something close to that.

Elder Statesman

What a difference a year -- and a new programming staff -- makes.

It was just last year that Larry Elder saw his KABC afternoon program cut down to just one hour. New management reversed that cut a while back and now has resigned Elder to a new four-year contract. Hear Elder afternoons at 3 pm.


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