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Radio AM to FM: January 8, 1999

Sports Legend Passes

Former KFWB reporter and sportscaster Cleve Hermann died on December 31st at the age of 80, apparently due to head injuries sustained when he fell in his home.

An employee of KFWB for almost 40 years (1952 through 1989), he worked through various formats and is considered by many as "the continuity glue to the sound of KFWB." His "Live Line to the World of Sports" was an integral part of KFWB's top-40 "Color Radio" format, and he maintained his reputation for quality news and sports reporting at the station until his retirement at the age of 72.

Colleagues and friends have posted their memories of Hermann on Don Barrett's Los Angeles Radio People web site,


Humberto Luna, a mainstay at KTNQ for 20 years, has left the station for KLAX. Sources close to Luna said that he was unhappy with KTNQ's talk format, and decided to get back into the music side of things on KLAX, one of the top-rated stations in Los Angeles.

Now that KLAC programmer/consultant Bob Hamilton has a solid morning show (with Charlie Tuna sounding great spinning big band and swing records), he wants to expand on his success and change the rest of the day to match mornings.

Currently KLAC runs essentially two formats: one with Tuna and big band/swing, and one via satellite playing "middle of the road" music that runs the rest of the day. Hamilton wants to expand the "Tuna format" throughout the entire broadcast day, so he's talking with other popular Los Angeles personalities including, according to rumor, Johnny Magnus and "Humble" Harve Miller. Expect some announcements regarding new KLAC personalities very soon.

And finally, the man that brought respect back to KLOS before leaving for ... nothing ... has resurfaced at Y-107. You can expect new Y-107 programmer John Duncan to work his magic again as he helps the trimulcast station develop its own personality within the confines of a very limited signal.


Los Angeles legend Bobby Ocean (KHJ, KWST) was seen roaming the hallways of KRTH the other day, sparking rumors that he may return to Southern California after spending the last fifteen years or so in San Francisco.

No such luck, it turns out, although KRTH (and KIIS, and Mega, and ...) would certainly benefit from his talent. He was just taking a tour of the station and seeing some old friends. Darn!

Same goes for former KRLA programmer Mike Wagner, who spent a day recently wandering the hallways of Mega 100. Just another tour and reunion with friends it turns out. Darn again!

Your Turn

1999 has already begun, but its not too late to make your views known to the radio masses: What would you like to see happen to local radio in the new year? Would you like to see a new format? The return of a favorite personality? A radio columnist that leaves KRLA general manager Bob Moore alone?

Send your comments to me in care of The Daily Breeze, 5215 Torrance Blvd., Torrance 90509. Or send them to me via e-mail at I'll print as many comments as I can within the next few weeks.

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