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Radio AM to FM: February 19, 1999

Geno Michellini is back.

Ever since Garth Kemp left KLOS, the afternoon slot has been the subject of rumor ... most of it relating to the possible rehiring of Michellini. Perhaps one of the best known of the more recent KLOS jocks, Michellini spent ten years working afternoon drive before leaving KLOS in 1994.

Programmer Rita Wilde is the one who finally made rumor become reality, essentially taking KLOS full circle: KLOS's jock roster (and on-air attitude) looks (and sounds) essentially like it did in the 1980s. And 1970s.

Random Thoughts From a Cluttered Mind

What exactly is the difference between the music of "the nineties" and the music of "today" that is played on KEZY? ... Will K-Nicole-Sandler (aka KACD/KBCD) EVER add anyone besides Sandler to the air staff? ... If KGIL really does get sold to the former owners of KIEV, can Los Angeles expect another (lame but laughable) brokered talk format? Will that affect the apparent plans of KRLA and KLSX to broker their weekends? ... Will Jacor ever realize that sports radio will never work in Los Angeles? ... Has anyone else noticed how much better KFWB sounds lately compared with the past two years?


Nominations are currently being accepted for this years almost serious edition of the Radio Achievement Awards, The Waggies. Winners of the highly-coveted Waggies will be announced sometime in the near future in an attempt to upstage the Oscars ...


The Long Beach Ice Dogs have signed an agreement to have their road games covered locally on "One on One Sports" KCTD. It appears to be an agreement for the remainder of this season only; a future agreement for next season most likely will be worked out depending on audience reaction.


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