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Radio AM to FM: December 10, 1999

Uncle Ricky Update

If you haven't taken a stroll over to Uncle Ricky's Reel Top-40 Repository located on the internet at, you owe it to yourself to catch up with some of your old favorite radio stations and personalities.

A Real Player is required (G2 version recommended) to hear the audio clips or view the video files available at the site, which features recordings of personalities, stations and jingles from many of top-40's true legends. Personalities such as Bobby Ocean, Charlie Tuna and Robert W. Morgan and such stations as KHJ, Ten-Q, and WCFL/Chicago.

In the top-30 this week are such gems as David Letterman on Ball State University's student-run carrier-current station, WAGO/Muncie in 1969, Charlie Tuna's first day back on KHJ in 1977, a hilarious studio voiceover station featuring a very impatient Orson Welles, and a sequel to a classic radio programming spoof called "Ninety-Nine." The original "Nine" is also available for your listening pleasure in the repository's archives.

Searching further in the site you'll find the debut day for top-40 station KROQ. KROQ top-40? Yes, but this one is on AM at 1500 KHz and features some great personalities as Charlie Tuna (why does he keep appearing in my column?), Sam Riddle, Jay Stevens, Steve Sands and Jimmie Rabbit.

This is my absolute favorite internet site, although my wife, Jean, thinks I am crazy to be listening to these airchecks all the time.

Radio University

Television coverage on December 2nd of the "uprising" in Seattle at the World Trade Organization featured a sign telling fellow rioters and television viewers to "Follow Leykis 101," a reference to the Tom Leykis Program heard locally from 3 pm to 8 pm on KLSX (97.1 FM).

"Leykis 101" is a "school" for men and women to help understand each other just a little bit better. Well, actually it's a bit on Leykis' program where listeners are encouraged to share their wisdom of relationships from the perspective of men. For example, if there is no sex by the third date, there is no third date. It sounds bad, but it really is (generally) done in fun and occasionally (usually) showcases the perspective men have in their dating relationships.


Former Boss Jock Robert W. Morgan was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame at the Museum of Broadcast Communications Cultural Center in Chicago on November 20th.

Presenting the award to Morgan's wife Shelley and daughter Susanna was friend and fellow inductee Rush Limbaugh, who also introduced Morgan's radio retrospective.

Morgan died on May 22, 1998 at the age of 60 from lung cancer.

You can see the presentation and learn more about Morgan and the museum by pointing your web browser to


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