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Radio AM to FM: August 6, 1999

The Baka Boys have left the building.

Brothers Nick and Eric Vidal -- known as the Baka Boys in reference to their growing up in the city of Bakersfield -- have left Power 106 (KPWR, 105.9 FM) after five years at the station.

They started in 1993 with a two-hour Friday night "hip hop" show, switched to late nights, and by early 1994 were moved into the all-important morning drive slot, helping propel Power 106 back into the top of the ratings. In 1987 they were replaced by Big Boy in the morning and moved to afternoon drive where they stayed until resigning last week. Sources report that a lack of respect from the station may have something to do with their resignation. Apparently the Boys were upset that others on the station received more publicity, even though they themselves were the top-rated show on the station.

The good bets have the Baka Boys moving down the dial to The Beat (KKBT, 92.3 FM), perhaps for afternoons, perhaps mornings. Movies and television may also be in the works. In the meantime, The Goodfellas are filling in for the Baka Boys on Power 106.

On A Jet Plane

KFI's (640 AM) weekend/fill-in team of Scott Hasick and Casey Bartholomew -- Scott and Casey -- have left the station in order to take a daily shift on 101.5 FM in Trenton, New Jersey ... the same station that once featured KABC's (790 AM) morning team, John and Ken.

Insisting on burning some bridges before he left, Bartholomew spent some time on Phil Hendrie's evening show on KFI as well as speaking with reporters regarding the team's tenure at KFI and why they left. Being passed over for a daily shift on KFI was one reason for the move, he said, in addition to hinting that KFI is on a downward trend. But, as if to save face, he told the Orange County Register, "KFI will be great again. It's just a matter of time."

In the Air

USA Digital Radio, one of three companies developing an In-Band, On-Channel digital broadcasting system, has announced an agreement with Texas Instruments to integrate USA Digital's software with Texas Instruments' programmable digital signal processors (DSPs) for use in future digital AM/FM receivers.

The two companies plan to work closely together to develop and market DSPs that work with USA Digital's broadcast system.

More Traffic, Less Weather

Has anyone else noticed that traffic reports seem to be everywhere, but if you want weather you need to tune into the news or talk stations? I wonder why the change? Especially since weather reports are actually more useful ... at least you'll know what to wear as you're stuck in traffic with no alternate route.

Speaking of Traffic

Is there any reason KABC cheapens itself by having its traffic reporters named "Brent Wood," "Wes Wood," or something else really stupid?


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