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Radio AM to FM: April 9, 1999

We get letters ...

The "Waggys" column of March 19 generated a few interesting responses. Most wanted to submit their own ideas for the "coveted" award. Here's a sample:

"What??? Nothing for KNX? Not even 'Best Station to Turn to When the Earth Starts Shaking?' or 'Best Place to Listen to Old Time Radio Classics and Freak Out the Old Geezers In Your Life By Knowing the Punchlines to Their Stupid Old Jokes'? Oh, wait, this was the Waggys for FM - right?" -- Kim Ba, Redondo Beach.

"Hey, where is the Traffic Broadcaster and Station Imaging Voice Award of the year? Hah!" -- Mark Denis

Actually, Denis is right even if he is joking. Denis is "Mr. Traffic" and "Mr. Imaging Voice" on KFI and KOST, and has been perfecting both skills since he began doing both at "Car Radio KHJ." We'll consider Denis' and Ba's suggestions as "People's Choice Awards."

"You've GOT to be kidding! What kind of management skills does it take to turn KRLA into KABC-Lite? You really think that's original? KRLA is a joke with those KABC wannabes" -- "RigHooked," via e-mail (responding to Bob Moore of KRLA/KLSX, winning "General Manager of the Year").

Yes, I was kidding.

You Question, We Answer

Q: Can you tell me where if Rush Limbaugh has a show on the radio? He used to have a show on television. -- Name withheld, Gardena

A: This is an easy one: Limbaugh has one of the most popular radio shows in all of radio, and has had for the past ten years or so. Locally he's on KFI from 9 am to 12 noon.

Q: Where is Michael Jackson? Is he on KRLA? I can't find him. Help! Help! -- Evelyn Portera, Redondo Beach

A: Another easy one: KRLA, from 9 am to 12 noon. KRLA is very difficult to pick up in some areas, however, so use a good radio and a good antenna.

Q: In the March 26, 1999 issue of Rave, you list 1650 AM as a traffic station. I listened several hours to this channel and heard nary a single traffic report. What am I doing wrong? -- "CAGRIFFIS" via e-mail.

A: You're doing nothing wrong. KKTR switched recently dropped traffic reports and eventually adapted a satellite "standards" music format. The radio log was just a little behind.

Q: Where is Peter Tilden? He hasn't been heard from since he was fired from KABC along with Ken Minyard. Minyard has turned up on KRLA; where is Peter? -- J. B., San Pedro

A: This question has been asked numerous times. The answer, according to my best sources, is that Tilden is still under contract with KABC and will be available to be hired by other stations sometime this Summer.


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