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Radio AM to FM: October 23, 1998

Heftel Leads Again!

Heftel wins big once again as their powerhouse Spanish-language music stations KLVE and KSCA tie for first place in the Summer Arbitron ratings released last week. Combined, the two stations earned a 12 share -- 6.0 each -- with KLVE down slightly from its 6.3 share last Spring and KSCA up from 5.8.

Rounding out the top five were KKBT, which ranks as the highest-rated English-language station in Los Angeles at 4.0; KOST, which made a solid jump to 3.9 from Spring's 3.3; and KPWR, which declined just slightly to 3.7 from 3.9.

In the talk wars, there is the smallest difference between the major talk stations in years. KFI still leads with a 7th place tie and a 3.4 share, but that's a half-point drop from last quarter. KABC, on the other hand, managed to hang on to a 2.8 share (down from 2.9) and 14th place, while KLSX increased to 2.5 from 2.2 and claimed 16th ... its highest rating since dropping rock for talk a few years ago.

Note that the overall effect of the competition in the talk arena has been to dilute the ratings between the three stations, however, and has not expanded the overall listenership of the format. Time was when KFI and KABC would earn a combined 8 share; now that amount is split between three. Perhaps talk is not the format of the future that many observers believed.

In news, KNX and KFWB tied for 19th place with 2.1 shares each, temporarily putting format change rumors at KFWB on hold. For the quarter, KNX was down from 2.4, KFWB was up from 1.9.

Mega 100 -- KCMG -- still follows in the shadows of KRTH, although both registered a 0.1 increase this quarter. KRTH came in tied for 7th at 3.4, while Mega tied for 12th with a 3.2. The other oldies stations were flat: KCBS remained at 2.4 and KRLA stayed at 0.7.

The full story: (Each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 12 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 am and 12 midnight. Copyright 1998 The Arbitron Company; May not be quoted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Arbitron)

1. tie KLVE, KSCA (6.0) 3. KKBT (4.0) 4. KOST (3.9) 5. KPWR (3.7) 6. KIIS (3.5) 7. tie KROQ, KFI, KRTH (3.4) 10. KTWV (3.3)

11. tie KLAX, KCMG (3.2) 13. KYSR (3.1) 14. KABC (2.8) 15. KBIG (2.6) 16. KLSX (2.5) 17. tie KLOS, KCBS (2.4) 19. tie KZLA, KLAC, KNX, KFWB (2.1)

23. KTNQ (1.9) 24. KSSE (1.8) 25. KKGO (1.6) 26. KBUA/KBUE (1.5) 27. KJLH (1.3) 28. KACE/KRTO (1.1) 29. KACD/KBCD (0.9) 30. tie KLYY, KXTA (0.8) 32. KRLA, KWKW (0.7)


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