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Radio AM to FM: October 9, 1998

Miller Returns

"Humble Harve" Miller, whose resume reads like a list of legendary Los Angeles radio stations, will return to the Southland airwaves tomorrow when his new "Doo-Wop Heaven" programs makes its debut on KRLA (1110 AM). The program will air every Saturday from 10 am to noon, and Sundays from noon to 3 pm.

This is Miller's fourth time working at KRLA, although unlike the first three when he was an official employee, this time he has bought the air time from the station in order to run the program himself. This means, essentially, that Miller is bound only by himself when deciding what to play ... and Miller likes to play "doo-wop" hits from the 1950s and '60s.

Miller originally arrived in Los Angeles back in 1965, working at "Super 15" KBLA, a station that went "dark" (off the air) around 1972. His other stints include KHJ, KIQQ, KUTE, KRTH, KCBS-FM, KZLA and of course, KRLA.


KLSX (97.1 FM) programmer Jack Silver wins the "class act (not!)" award this week with a quote to Don Barrett's Radio People web page <>. Says the former RKO music director, "It's time for this town to get hip to Jonathon Brandmeier ... and quit talking about the small market (expletive deleted) like PDs 'resigning' or weak-a** morning show wanna be's." And speaking of a recent live broadcast by afternoon driver Tom Leykis, "I'd like to see (KFI personalities) John and Ken's lame-a** host a live show like Leykis."

Silver is apparently frustrated that Brandmeier's high-priced simulcast is being trounced by KFI's Dr. Laura show and that overall, even though there have been definite improvements, KLSX still trails KFI and KABC in the talk ratings war. Silver was once a classy guy, back when he worked at KFRC in San Francisco. I wonder what happened?

You Want Live?

Speaking of John and Ken doing a live broadcast, the team will join KFI morning host Bill Handel tonight at 5 at the Museum of Radio and Television for a two-hour debate on the subject of "Should Clinton Be Impeached?" The three will be there along with 150 listeners.

My guess is that Handel will be a strong Clinton supporter, Ken (Chiampou) will be the calming influence, and John (Kobylt) will be the extreme fly-off-the-handle voice stating that all politicians should be impeached. I always liked that about Kobylt ...

We Get Letters

Q: I am in hopes that you can advise me how we can get a radio station program log. It seems there is every other type of magazine, but nothing on radio stations and programming. When I can't sleep at night I want to hear talk shows. (and want to know what's on). -- Sylvia Bennett, Lawndale

A: Unfortunately, the one magazine dedicated to local radio, the Los Angeles Radio Guide, publishes only periodically and by the time their latest issue is out, the information is often outdated. It is the best we have right now, however, so you might try contacting them at (310) 828-7530. It really is too bad, as they started out as an excellent source of information and logs, only to be done in by their own lack of discipline in getting issues out monthly as originally promised. Maybe some day I'll post the information on my own web page <>.

As far as helping you sleep, I just received this press release. I don't think it's exactly what they wanted to convey, but ... "Can't get to sleep? Tune in to 'Bible Story Time' every Wednesday morning at 2:45 on KTYM (1460 AM). Listen to Auntie Debby dramatically read stories from the 'Bedtime Bible Story Book.'"


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