Radio Column for March 6, 1998

It's been a tough year for "mentally challenged" radio listeners. Ever since KLSX (97.1 FM) changed from Moron Talk to become "The Low Rated FM talk Station," there just hasn't been a Kato Kaelin, Regular Guys or Mother Love to be found anywhere on the Southern California airwaves.

Thankfully, forward-looking Chancellor has seen the light. The group owner that first brought us the sexual escapades of the Denver Sluts on their KYSR (98.7 FM) now brings us a program that would make Walter Sabo proud -- if he had thought of it.

It's the new K-BIG (104.3 FM) morning show, starring Mother Love, Carolyn Gracie and Rick Diego.

No, I'm not kidding (please stop laughing).

The first program was last Monday, wherein Mother Love showed that she is coming v-e-r-y close to grasping the English language (I'm so proud), Diego proved that he still has that wonderful two-by-four piece of lumber on-air personality, and Gracie tried -- and failed -- to get a word in edgewise.

I'm guessing that they work cheap. Really cheap.

Not that it's all bad. The commercials and occasional songs are quite entertaining. It's just the stuff between the commercials and music that is annoying. And that giant sucking sound? It's not jobs moving south; it's coming from the studios of KBIG.


Mornings may be bad; the rest of the day on the new KBIG is just bland, at least musically. Using their new slogan "Picks you up and makes you feel good," KBIG has become an even closer clone of competitor KOST (103.5 FM), which has had KBIG in its shadow for years. Both KBIG and KOST are going after the same listeners -- those trapped in an office and forced to listen to the radio -- so they can't be overly adventurous, I suppose. But at least KBIG finally has a decent on-air presentation that is far superior to KOST. It actually sounds somewhat fun.

Keep in mind, however, that Chancellor really doesn't care if you like KBIG. Sure, they'd be happy if you did. But if you don't, you'll go to another station which more likely than not will also be owned by Chancellor. Isn't radio grand? Am I getting too cynical?


Sports radio in Los Angeles has never been successful, but that's not stopping people from trying it. The latest word on the street has KNSE (1510 AM) rumored to soon become all-sports KMSL -- The Muscle. Add to that the fact that KRLA (1110 AM) manager Bob Moore is apparently drooling, trying to find a way to take KRLA all sports (anyone know why KRLA was airing commercials for 1540 One on One Sports?).

How bizarre.