Radio Column for January 16, 1998

For the first time in the history of Los Angeles radio, non-English language stations have taken the coveted top-two spots in the Arbitron Ratings. In the Fall book released last week, Spanish powerhouse KLVE remained number one at 6.1, while Spanish newcomer KSCA -- a low-rated but highly acclaimed alternative rock outlet at this time last year -- pushed forward to claim number two at 4.9.

The move by KSCA knocked KPWR Power 106 down to 4.2 and 4th from its previously secure 2nd place it has held for much of the past year, while KKBT The Beat held steady at 3rd, and KFI, KIIS-FM and KRTH all tied for 5th at 4.0.

It was a big quarter for "classic rock," as KLOS increased its share by more than half a point to 2.6 from 2.0, and KCBS-FM did the same only better, jumping to 2.7 from 1.9. KLOS recently switched back to a hybrid classic rock/traditional AOR format after an experimental "active rock" attempt failed to attract a sizable audience; KCBS-FM finally reversed a downward trend that began early last year.

KLSX got some good news for a change: ratings for the former lame-talk outlet increased half a point to 2.5. The flip side is that most of the increase came from Howard Stern's morning program, as the rest of the day was essentially flat.

AM sister KRLA got some bad news, dropping to 0.8 from last quarter's 1.2. Interestingly, the decrease follows a shakeup in the lineup due to station manager Bob Moore's insistence on not only cutting costs to the bone and sacrificing the station's hard earned integrity, but on carrying the Mighty Ducks hockey games, a ratings killer if there ever was one. Moore should be ashamed of himself for what he has done to KRLA.

There are still no ratings for all-sports KXLA.

The full story: Each rating is an estimate of the percentage of listeners aged 12 and over tuned to a station between the hours of 6 am and 12 midnight. Fall ratings are the most recent.


KLVE 6.0-6.1
KSCA 4.5-4.9
KKBT 4.0-4.5
KPWR 4.6-4.2
KRTH 4.0-4.0

KFI 4.1-4.0
KIIS 3.9-4.0
KOST 3.9-3.8
KTWV 3.6-3.4
KABC 3.1-3.0

KROQ 3.6-3.0
KYSR 2.5-2.8
KZLA 2.5-2.7
KBIG 2.6-2.7
KCBS 1.9-2.7

KLOS 2.0-2.6
KLSX 2.0-2.5
KLAC 2.6-2.3
KLAX 2.3-2.1
KTNQ 2.0-2.1

KFWB 1.8-2.1
KNX 2.2-2.0
KKGO 1.5-1.7
KBUE 1.4-1.6
KIBB 1.7-1.4

KJLH 1.0-1.4
KSSE 1.4-1.2
KLYY 1.3-1.0
KACE 1.0-0.9
XTRA 0.6-0.8

KRLA 1.2-0.8
KWKW 0.9-0.7
KKHJ 0.8-0.7
KACD 0.4-0.5
KIEV 0.6-0.5

KWVE 0.6-0.5
KKLA 0.5-0.4
KXMG 1.3-0.4
KFSG 0.5-0.4
KIK 0.0-0.4


KLSX is changing their lineup to make room for Chicago personality Jonathon Brandmeier. Brandmeier will be broadcasting his program from KLSX's studios this Monday, January 19th from 12 noon to 3 pm, and beaming the program back to Chicago.

The move pushes Conway and Steckler to the 7 - 10 pm shift, which in turn pushes Chuck Naste to the 10 pm - 1 am slot. Scott Ferrall, who's Ferrall on the Bench program makes all talk shows sound better by comparison, will no longer be heard on KLSX.