Radio AM to FM: August 21, 1998

Mad as Steck

David Cash is going to college next Tuesday. KLSX personalities Tim Conway, Jr. and Doug Steckler don't like that fact and plan to do something about it.

Cash is the best friend of Jeremy Stroymeyer, the boy who allegedly raped and murdered 7-year-old Sherice Iverson in the restroom of a Nevada casino, and was apparently in the restroom for a while as Stroymeyer was committing his alleged crimes.

In various interviews including one with Conway and Steckler, Cash stated that he was doing well with girls due to the case's notierity and that he didn't feel sorry for the murdered girl or her family because, he told the personalities, "I didn't know them."

That's just too much for Conway and Steckler, who feel that universities should be reserved for people of good character. So, when Cash travels to U. C. Berkeley to begin his freshman year at college, Conway, Steckler, and a bus full of angry citizens will travel up there too, culminating with a protest right in front of Cash's dorm room.

Whether Cash will be there or not remains to be seen, but Conway and Steckler don't care ... they want to make a point. ABC television's 20/20 will be there to watch it all unfold.

Foster Leaves

KPCC (89.3 FM) General Manager Rod Foster has called it quits ending 13 years of leading the public radio station located on the campus of Pasadena City College.

It was quite a ride for Foster, who has seen the station grow from a small, unknown college station into the ninth largest public radio station in the country, based on the number of subscribers, estimated listenership, and donations.

Under Foster's leadership, KPCC has seen a power increase and an improved tower location adding up to a vastly improved signal. At the same time, KPCC has been the leader among public radio stations moving toward self-sufficiency and a marked decrease in government subsidies. In 1996 Foster helped launch the current "Intelligent Talk" format that has been both widely recognized and critically acclaimed, along with successful alternative music programming that airs nightly.

No replacement has been announced.

Looney Tunes

I love reading Tomm Looney's column that used to appear in the rarely-released Los Angeles Radio Guide. Now I get to read him weekly, via the internet.

Looney, who is also heard Friday nights at 8 pm on KLSX, has a newsletter that gets mailed directly to your e-mail box. Or you can search for it yourself. Direct your web browser to <>.

Who said internet addresses were difficult?


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