Radio Column for April 10, 1998

April 2nd came and went without so much of a stutter from KRLA (1110 AM), proving thankfully that the rumors of KRLA's imminent format change to sports-talk were exaggerated, to say the least.

According to station manager Bob Moore, the rumors were -- and continue to be -- completely false. "No, KRLA will not be changing. No, CBS/Infinity is not putting pressure on us to change it," Moore said.

That's good news for a station that is coming up on its 40th birthday. The station changed call letters to KRLA and adapted a top-40 format in 1959, and has been playing rock and roll in various forms continuously since that time. I hope someone is planning a birthday bash ...

You Question ...

... We answer. Here are a few letters from the vast Radio Mailbag.

Q: Could you tell me where I might get the names and addresses of the radio stations in our area? I want a schedule of programs. -- Betty Gates, Torrance

A: That used to be an easy one: The Los Angeles Radio Guide (310-828-7530) at one time listed Los Angeles-area station telephone numbers as well as complete program listings right in their magazine. Under their new format, though, listings are still there but telephone numbers are not.

Fortunately, you can still find telephone numbers on the Radio Guide Web Site, If you want addresses, the Radio Guide offers a Los Angeles Radio Directory for $25, which includes addresses, telephone numbers, and (as updated as possible in this type of format) manager and programmer names.

Q: I just moved into the area and was wondering if Tom Leykis is on the air here. I used to listen to him in Michigan. -- Dean Case, Torrance

A: Leykis' syndicated program airs every weekday on KLSX (97.1 FM) from 3 - 7 pm. In addition, the "Best of Tom Leykis" airs on Saturdays from 3 - 7 pm. I thought I also heard a live Los Angeles-only show on Saturdays, but a KLSX operator says no, I must have been mistaken.

I left a message with Leykis to clear this up, but as of press time he has not returned my call. I think I must of ticked him off in the past ...

Q: Where can I find Paul Harvey? -- Vicki Sikora, Los Angeles

A: An easy one. Harvey can be heard on KABC (790 AM) weekdays at 8:55 am (news), 11:45 am (news) and 6:55 pm (The Rest of the Story).

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